Monday , May 17 2021

UAE: A new integrated payment system by 2020

The Ministry of Finance in United Arab Emirates reacted to the strategic plan for the future transformation of the e-Dirham system into & # 39; The first meeting with senior officials of federal government and local authorities were held Sunday in the Boulevard Hotel in Dubai.

The meeting examined the development of the e-Dirham system since the beginning of the first generation in 2001, and the strategic plan that ensured the sustainability of # the system is guaranteed and will be implemented in 2020, as the Ministry sought to provide the electrical dirham system with best technology applications applications.

According to Al Ain, the strategic plan includes the future transformation of the electronic dirham system, the development of digital payment mechanisms in & # 39; UAE, which works with all UAE national banks and supports the achievement of the goals of a national agenda for the digital economy of business models and competitiveness.

By exercising the strategic plan for future transformation, the Financial Ministry of Finance supports an American brand identity to develop national payments and make the UAE's position as world affiliate in payments. The new payment system will accompany the protection of the financial system of & nbsp; UAE and ensure sustainability of financial flows for compensation and services. The federal government is efficient and effective, and facilitates the experiences of users and abolish the indicators of satisfaction and happiness of traders.

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