Friday , April 23 2021

"Translation of health sciences" has several reaches that researchers have done

Secretary of State Dr. Bassel Al-Sabah said on Tuesday that the Arab Center for the Creation and Translation of Health Sciences "Full" striking achievements in the field of translation, Arabization and writing, it promoted the formulation of integral Arab medical curricula, sources and references that serve as researchers.

This came in Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah's discussion in & # 39; a 20th session of the center of support of & # 39; a Council of Arab Social Affairs Ministers who included Kuwait and once recruited by Assistant Undersecretary for Food and Drug Control in the Health Ministry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Bader.

He added that the center, which was established in 1983 and is the headquarters of Kuwait, became a source of pride by its achievements in medical and health education development in & # 39; an Arab world, which is the need for integration and cooperation between ministers of Arab health and education and the center.

He explained that Arabic language is the language of religion and nature and creativity and reflects our identity and our history and heritage and has the ability to adapt and receive in a new world every language speaks.

He points to the imperative need for language development and development to complete the findings of ancestors, where they translate medical sciences and other languages ​​into Arabic.

He said the Arabic language is the focus of scientific development, which is "confirmed by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and all educational, scientific and linguistic research."

Sheikh Bassel Al-Sabah praised the efforts of & # 39; a guideline for & # 39; guessing & # 39; a key to delivering scientific and practical drugs to learn medicine in the Arabic world in & # 39; the language of Al-Sad, that is their important role in & # 39; have active activities and overcome resources.

Center Secretary General Abdulrahman Al-Awadhi said in a statement by KUNA news agency (KUNA) on the rule of the event that the latest publications in the center focus on information and culture exchange in & # 39; Arab civilization and other cultures in health and medical areas were represented in a cultural series of 100 special books.

Al-Awadhi reduces the center, that support and stimulates the movement of writing and translation into Arabic at the level of health sciences, has shared and remains organized in international conferences by centers that are interested in Arabic language and medicine, to indicate common and constructive cooperation.

He said the "health science translation", which is based on compilation, inventory and organization of Arab medical intellectual production, and the creation of a finest database for this production, will take place every year publish rich books on medical developments, affecting them to keep relevant international developments.

The Center consists of a governing body, a general secretariat and administrative sectors, and develops integrated and flexible plans for writing and translations into medical areas, including terminology, basic versions, dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals and research that need are for Arab medical information infrastructures.

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