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The success of the first kidney transplant for children in Dubai


Mohammed bin Rashid, a pediatric hospital in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Al Jalila Specialist Hospital for Children in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, is the first kidney transplant in Dubai for a 9-year- Announced success.

So the girl becomes "Nizar Hassan" of Sudan, the first kid to have kidney transplants in Dubai.

The surgery was conducted at the Jalila Specialist Hospital for Children by a joint medical team of the hospital and Mohammed bin Rashid's College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and a kidney transplant surgeon, David Hickey Dr. Hickey) and the National University of Ireland and the Pancreas Center Janahi, Mohammed bin Rashid, associate professor of medicine and health sciences.

The operation witnessed model co-operation between nine governments and private organizations, working together to ensure the smooth and rapid transplantation of girls' children. The deceased donor lived in Abu Dhabi. . Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Health Authority, Department of Health and Community Care, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, National Commission for Organ Transplantation, Al Jalila Foundation, Abu Dhabi Police Department.

Story of "بانه"

Since her birth, the girl has suffered a complete dislocation of the left kidney and atrophy of the proper size of the kidneys that affect children in all over the world. She spent her childhood with her medication and various treatments until she decided she needed a kidney or a transplant. The college was operated on by a kidney donor's college who died to preserve life.

The surgery was led by Dr. David Hickey, who has performed more than 2000 organ transplants in his career, trained many surgeons around the world, and provided more than 130 scientific papers to numerous international medical journals.


"We have witnessed an exceptional moment in the history of children's health care systems in Dubai and we are proud to have contributed to this historic event. It is expected to contribute to the strengthening of Dubai's status as a local pediatric day care center, which will also contribute to support and achievement. "Health Strategy In Dubai, 2021 and 2021 in the field of health."

While celebrating the arrival of this important station in the pediatric history of Dubai, we thank the donors who gave the girl a chance to live and should not forget the role of the deceased donor and her family. "

Dr. Ahmed Sharif, Mohammed Bin Rashid, of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, said: "We are pleased to announce that Mohammed Bin Rashid University's Al & Jalila) The achievement of this achievement in the UAE medical sector is evidence of the great effort University has made in the implantation program that began in 2016. We believe that many individuals and organizations led by the Ministry of Education We could not succeed without cooperation.

"Achieved is the result of the Dubai Healthcare City's leadership vision, which provided an opportunity for the UAE to work to improve the health of the region and region, translating national efforts to improve healthcare services." Scientific evidence, medical education and healthcare And thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of this course by serving the humanity through quality initiatives based on the culture of excelling and achieving scientific research. "

"I give you my baby's smile"

Her father, Nizar Hassan and his wife wife, have had the opportunity to live as healthy and happy as other children in their daughter's life after nine years of constant suffering due to illnesses, medicines and treatments. "Our happiness, a new life for all of us"

"It's amazing to see all these teams and these agencies and agencies working together very quickly to save my life.This unique collaboration is a hallmark of Dubai and I could not see it in any other city.Thank you in that case, I do not think so, "he said. "After the surgery, the child's smile" is the most precious thing I've seen in my life, and I want to tell a generous donor who is looking for mercy and all those who smile on the face of her daughter. "

The Al Jalila Specialist Hospital for Children is a unique medical hospital in the region and has achieved great success in just two years and provides the best medical services for children in more than 28 clinics. Mohammed bin Rashid University's School of Medicine and Health Sciences collaborates with leading doctors and pediatric research leaders in the future. The hospital is pursuing a vision of becoming the leading pediatric center in the region and in the world.

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