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The National Festival of Tolerance logo decorates Abu Dhabi.


Logo of the UAE National Festival of Tolerance

Logo of the UAE National Festival of Tolerance

The most famous landmarks and buildings in Abu Dhabi participated in the UAE National Officer of Tolerance Festival hosted by the UAE tolerance minister. The official logo of the festival is under the auspices of the UAE Minister of Tolerance, Sherry or White. The UAE is a land of tolerance and coexistence, and visitors and visitors to Emirates, as well as residents of Abu Dhabi, are invited to participate in the activities and programs of the National Communist Festivals held at Umm Al-Emarat Park until 16 November. The festival is from 10 am to 9 pm.

Mariam Al Shamsi, Commissioner of Communications Bureau of the Department of Tranquility, thanked the Secretary General of Abu Dhabi Executive Committee for all the support for the National Festival for Tolerance as a national event highlighting the noble values ​​of tolerance and coexistence. Al Nahyan, God will reassure his soul.

With the slogan "approach to heritage" in the approach of Zayed, he embodied the features of tolerance and coexistence in terms of tolerance and coexistence in the noble name of Latter 's father, the founder of heritage, history and attitude, , Eager to develop values ​​of coexistence and tolerance. He is eager to defend the nation's identity and legacy, is fully optimistic about the future, optimistic about the future, and has a strong belief in human ability to exchange and exploit, so that these traits and characteristics are part of the same generosity as tolerance did.

"The participation of national buildings and monuments in national festivals and memorials has confirmed the UAE's commitment to all sectors and institutions that promote the noble values ​​of tolerance presented by Shikh Zayed," said Al Shamsi. The landmark and the light of the building have made this festival a great momentum in the grassroots level, and tolerance, coexistence, and Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan have allowed God to bless him and grant him peace, Thanks to his leadership, all the inhabitants of this country will lead the way. This is the tree of tolerance that Zaeed planted in the good land of the UAE, and every son is a citizen of the country. Abu Dhabi has become an icon of global acceptance and capital of global coexistence. "

Among the most notable buildings participating in the festival are the Emirates Palace, the Abu Dhabi International Market, the Havza Zayed Stadium, the Marina Mall, Capital Gate, the Sheikh Zayed Bridge and the IPIC Building.

Al Shamsi praised the cooperation and support of this festival received from the TRA (duet and Etisalat), saying that the cooperation of all local authorities and federal authorities to support the national tolerance festival has contributed to the success of the festival so far. From November 9th to 16th, both companies held the "Emirates of Equity" as a part of the promotion of the festival.

More than 700 students from various nationalities and all public and private schools in Abu Dhabi Emirates attended the festival and provided art, music and entertainment programs. During the morning in the gardens, especially Umm Al-Emirates gardens, a large number of people enjoyed free drawing, follow-up work on the Sheikh Zayed exhibit, garden games and interactive shows at the theater.

Yasser Al Gergawi, General Director of the Tolerance National Cultural Festival, says that tolerance desires to communicate the message of coexistence, tolerance and acceptance to school children in a language they understand and in an easy way to promote the noble values ​​of coexistence, tolerance and discrimination said. Schools range from entertainment, cognition, art, theater and theater performances to tolerance.

Al-Gergawi prepared a huge tent that allowed the Ministry of Tolerance to protect the students from the sun and play games, and that the children played chastity and activity festivals 24 hours a day While emphasizing that it was easy to provide and provide all the necessary logistics at this stage.

He emphasized the importance of fostering a strategic partnership between the tolerance and the education department, which had the greatest impact on the success of the festival, and highlighted the capacity of the festival facility to reach its maximum capacity and the tolerance department still received many requests for participation. Praised. The goal is complete with respect to this age group and various nationalities.

He added that ADP GHQ is involved in providing four small patrols to raise children's perceptions, such as the period of happiness, patrolling of small medical personnel, patrolling of the little savior, and patrolling of small tolerant police. And that it had a positive effect on the message of tolerance.

Minister Al-Gergawi has canceled the activity two hours after the start due to unstable weather conditions as the program continued until tomorrow morning, when weather conditions improved, to ensure the safety of public, family, school and college students. .

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