Tuesday , January 25 2022

The Football Association is in favor of the United Arab Emirates


The Football Federation eliminated the presentation sport and delayed the UAE and Egypt friendly game on November 20.

The union confirmed in its statement that the decision to postpone the game was technical and did not enter the company and that there were four technical reasons behind the acting.

Jablaya's statement:

The Egyptian Football Federation, led by engineer Hani Abu Reda, reaffirmed that the reason for postponing a friendly match between Egypt and the United Arab Emirates is purely technical and not for other purposes. The Egyptian team is facing technical difficulties, and many experts have returned to the club before age 21. Mohammed Salah, who attended the meeting scheduled for the 20th of this month, did not mention it.

The match against Al Wasl in Al Wasl UAE was held at the Zayed Cup on 22nd. Strengths of current team among wounded.

The selection criteria for the team are no match for the current Olympic team of Egypt and the meeting with the Prime Minister of Algeria on the 19th.

This is not a complete record of not taking risks in the game, given the sharpness of the new technical staff of the national team trying to integrate the position of the technical team.

The Egyptian Football Association has expressed its deep respect and appreciation of the UAE Football Federation, which had a great influence on the Egyptian soccer team, and the UAE soccer team has an excellent position in relation to all Egyptians. The two countries are united and the Football Confedations of both countries are not allowed to meet with the first two teams of the two countries without the Egyptian team being completed based on this approach. The team asked to postpone the match and the Egyptian federation saw him respond to the request and I am sure the UAE will always appreciate all these technical conditions as we have always used him.

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