Tuesday , November 30 2021

The distance between Hani Shaker and Al-Sabki


Hani Shaker, which runs on his background, can not be represented by a musician or ordinary club, represents the sophisticated powers of the # 39; The masses of beliefs and herds of virtues (a wonderful virtue, and all colors of the spectrum, and according to the conditions of the country and the wind). It is the language of 'artistic expression in & # 39; The night (if you can call you what you are doing or cook) after closing the bags, with the bag of movie production tracts and the shisha with him, and the dance safinade can also be preceded by the office After the office, after the The last two barns ran through Sharm el Sheikh, and saw her hard and even my father Vivi Abdo.
Al-Sebki goes on his side, after he "singer of virtue and literature" made his tongue for all satellite channels about singing his opinion, went to his house and drink anise. And the power thanked for its good literature in some satellite channels, except "satirical" satellite, should be "singer's values" to make the balance, Vahmr face of # singer in # 39; The home camera, say that misunderstandings or opinions do not spoil For the friendliness of the case. Then Sabki put fire to the stone in his side, and Safinaz came, did not come, returned to Sharm el Sheikh, or even traveled his sources and accounts in Dubai.
Mohammed al-Sabki is the expression of 'authority' in # 39; Night, such as Muhammad Ramadan in marches for screen and meat and Hishish and Sang and Matawi. Mohammed Ramadan, the # member is a gun of fire # 39; The Palestinian Liberation Society, which springs from the fifth floor in # 39; The table of armrests is the shears of & nbsp; the virtue of moral affects.
In the night Mohammed Ramadhan was shut down by Hani Shaker, and Mohammed Ramadan went to Sabki, while the latest new moves were added to the label, and Hani Shaker goes to his house to drink anise and is shown on satellite channels. The soldiers will simultaneously sue and virtue wear, and the soldiers in the night wear the sword, shish and al-matawi, and those who come out in a hurry, Samir Sabri and his brothers our north and leave our right.It supplies in # 39; the state sector or the private sector, and all the cases, even the science issue, innocence, or the day when her mother came to the profession, and when she came in criticism, she was in Sharm el Sheikh and in her stomach two winter and summer rhythms violin.
A handy department for the ruler and the ruler, Hani Shaker Laila, the emotional sentiment "very politely, and the dance for the dance and Alsatawi, and the poetic need of the fence, and the Sunnat must also answer.
Democracy, however, is comparable to the latest equality that they can to keep Morteza Mansour silent, not to spend the satellite channels and to perform prestigious measures, but in the illustration of ' The democratization was broad in my paths, my brother, and changed into the book by Abdul Khaliq Farooq, and developed it very much on Saad Al-Saghir, Murtada, Moses, around the stones of the earth on to attract, and not even Morteza's case from Samir Sabri, nor his brothers in # 39; The breastfeeding, seduced God, but occurs with all the goodness and family and institutional graces of Makram Mohammed Ahmed, and the man sleeps on 'seventh, YouTube', alongside 'listening to weakness' and sleeping frustrated.
It's division, and division is always fair. Really for a pleasant night, and for the day, we value values. It is a fair division between night and day, so the night is full. In & # 39; day is their calculations on & # 39; the computer, both in Sharm El Sheikh and Dubai. And the little Saad dances the night, and in the day he built a mosque. The day is full with the Rosary, the Koran, the activities of the club and the help of Turki Al-Sheikh, and a night with YouTube to stop the watches and their makers, and its injuries through justice, my brother, was swept to the "mutants, mother of Shanab and Umm Dukan." With the prayer of Fajr he goes to "menstruation" for wudoo. This is the listening singer, Hamo Pekka, the values ​​of drinking anise at home. In Saturday, Sabki signed with Hamo Pika with the new movie, compiled or not, alongside the shisha in the office.

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