Tuesday , May 11 2021

The date of the appearance of the first giant satellite in the Arab world in 2021

Astronomer Jeddah announced today in Saudi Arabia, today, Saturday, that the skies of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world will witness the full moon, provided it will be tomorrow, Monday, April 26, explaining that its apparent magnitude is about 14 % larger, and that the illumination is about 30% brighter than average.

The Jeddah astronomer also said that this event would be an ideal opportunity to photograph, as the moment the moon lies in an angle of 180 degrees from the sun, which will occur on Tuesday morning at 06:31 KSA (03: 31 hours) AM GMT) and will be cut in a semicircle during the month of Ramadan, followed by its arrival at perihelion point (the closest point in orbit to Earth) around 12 hours at 18:22 hours KSA 22 hours GMT).

It is reported that this phenomenon of the moon is called the “giant moon”, where the distance between the center of the moon and the center of the earth is within 362,146 km, a term that refers to the scientific name (perihelion moon).

The moon will appear with sunset and will be covered with a reddish or orange color, due to dust and other plankton in the atmosphere around the earth, which scatter the white light in it, the colors of the blue spectrum scattered and remains the colors of the red spectrum we see.

But after it rises and goes away from the horizon, it will appear in the usual silvery-white color and this happens every month, and it will decorate the air all night until it sets with the sunrise of Tuesday.

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