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Symptoms are high blood sugar

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Some people feel the symptoms of diabetes and the research shows no signs of it, and these symptoms are the result of high blood sugar, the person feels the whole time thirst and tired, and they're signs of high blood sugar, as told by the page "Authority Nutrition":

Foggy view

Signs of high blood sugar, blurred vision, because the high glucose level may cause the eye's lens to swell, so that focusing at one point is difficult, and left untreated, may cause blurred vision due to high blood sugar. loss of sight.

Symptoms of diabetes

Permanent strangulation

High blood sugar leads to weariness and weariness.

Continuing urination

As the level of blood increases, the kidneys will work excessively to filter too much sugar that the body does not use to get energy.

Continuous thirst

The constant need for urination can also increase thirst level. If a person often irritates, the fluid coming out of the tissue will be secreted along with glucose, causing it to dry quickly and make the person more thirsty than normal.

Chronic headache

High blood sugar causes headaches, where high sugar influences hormones that play a role in hair function.

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