Sunday , January 23 2022

Say goodbye to scars after surgery with this Chinese innovation


News Dubai – United Arab Emirates (Novosti)

The worst thing for people after surgery is scars that will remain after surgery, but there is no limit to the progress of science and you can always find a way to improve your medicine.

The Chinese scientist group invented a gel-based gel that can heal wounds without scarring.

According to the journal Biomaterial Science, scientists used a study of sericin found in silk fibers, which enhanced the process of linking protein chains by extracting them in the light of ultraviolet light.

Scientists have gained the results of this process in well-packaged cells, grow without causing an immune response to the body, prevent the onset of inflammation and stimulate new blood vessel growth. This gel also regulates the action of skin cells to prevent scarring from the affected area, but creates a new skin. This gel has other properties such as preventing bacteria from entering the wound and explaining the rate of recovery.

Proteins found in silk are also biologically naturally active, according to scientists, due to the amino acid composition of the silk amino acids similar to human skin.

Scientists have declared this innovation to be the most effective in wound healing and prevent the appearance of scarring, so it is hoped that the gel will be used on a large scale in the medical field after completion of the characterization.

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