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Perez uses the fears of Parisian officials. Why Isco Excluded? Ranieri Coach for Fulham

November 14, 2018 Highlights:

European League:

Croatia is finally hoping to reach the 2018 World Cup finals and achieve their first European Cup title. But it would not be easy to host Spain on Thursday at the Maximilian Stadium.

– Avoid another "hitting" of Croatia, Spain

Spain :

Real Madrid midfielder Daniel Sibios says Santiago Solari believes the team is "low".

– Seabios reveals why Isco was excluded from Real Madrid

Barcelona are planning to recruit new defenders next season, but it is up to Samuel Ommetti to recover from a recent knee injury.

– Umeete Lap joins new defender Barcelona

The newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" will be placed in the position of Osman Dembli, the Frenchman, by the managers of Barcelona Spain. The Ottoman emblem became a hindrance to technical staff led by Ernesto Valverdi due to the player's irresponsible behavior.

– Meeting with Dembley, Barcelona

Joseph Maria Mingela, a player agent, said on August 5, 2017, that he offered Barcelona 's services to St Germain' s Cillian Mbabey in France.

– Shocking surprise .. Barcelona preferred to sign a naughty instead of Mbabi.

Former Barcelona defender Carlos Puyol has been sponsoring French striker Osman Dembele after a recent crisis at the French club. He was angry despite his talent.

– After repeated crises … Barcelona legend Osman Dembili defenses

Argentine football coach Diego Armando Maradona and former Argentine coach talked about Spanish football, especially in the world, through an interview with a Spanish newspaper, especially Marca, Spain.

– Maradona lives as the manager of Real Madrid and talks about his relationship with Messi.

Barcelona defender Clement Lenglitt is one of the most successful players in his career and is confident of his team's back-of-the-line team coach Ernesto Valverde with Gerard Pique .

– The dream of dreaming to continue the disaster of Barcelona defense!

Madrid – Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has come out to talk about the occasional pouring of Madrid fans at Santiago Bernabeu.

– Ramos reacts to the whistle of Real Madrid fans and is strong to Roprin

England :

LONDON (Reuters) – Chelsea are at risk of joining four seasons with players under 18 who are illegally involved.

– Chelsea is in danger of banning the transfer for two years!

Fulham announced on Wednesday that Claudio Ranieri has been appointed technical director on behalf of former coach Slavica Jankovic.

– Fulham's technical director, officially "Italy" Ranieri "

England's Manchester United defender Benjamin Mende was injured in a knee injury in the fifth round of the European Championship on Friday.

– The French star ignores adult injuries. Trump!

Manchester City has announced that Benjamin Mendy will be forced to move to Barcelona for surgery under the supervision of Dr. Kougat after suffering a knee injury.

– Officially: Manchester City shows Mendy's absence for a long time.

Chelsea midfielder and midfielder Ngolo Canti has proven himself to be the cleanest player on the planet not only because he is the best player in the world at the center of the field, but also because of his modesty.

– Ngolo Kanti is the purest player on earth … and will guide you!

Liverpool defender Vergil Van Dyke advised Reds officials to consider a deal with Barcelona's strong goal, fellow Amsterdam defender Matthias de Liechte. He aims to include the next winter athlete.

– An encrypted message from Liverpool defender can deprive Barcelona's most important summer deal.

Germany :

Joachim Loew has pledged to face the German national team at the expense of winning the 2014 World Cup championship. The Dutch national team have a friendly match on Thursday before meeting in Manchester United's UEFA Champions League.

– Loew is committed to renewing the German team's blood.

Bayern Munich have announced that Colombian striker Khamis Rodríguez has suffered a knee ligament rupture during training and will "come out in the next few weeks".

– Ramiz Rodriguez's new frustration is causing Bayern to be in trouble.

Bayern Munich beat Borussia Dortmund 3-2 in the eleventh Bundesliga.

– Bayern Munich Star accuses club of contract policy

Former Bayern Munich midfielder Franck Ribery apologized after being insulted and physically assaulted on Saturday by journalist Patrick Gueau of Bahrain's national sports channel BN Sports.

– Ribery apologizes to reporters after meeting Bayern Munich

Previous news:

France's Neimar and France's Stad Naimad may have stayed on the wall of the French club after covering a number of interesting details about the European Union's investigation into violations of the French club's fair play rules.

– President Peres exploited the panic of Parisian officials in the European Union,

Juventus will try to sign Barcelona's Jordi Alba next season because of lack of clarity about the future of Brazilian Alex Sandro.

– Juventus will try to join Barcelona's "jets" in the manner of Ronaldo.

The future of Barcelona's Osmani Dimbili appears to be no longer visible on the walls of the Catalan club and is expected to leave Camp Nou as soon as possible.

– Liverpool prepares to propose to kidnap Barcelona aliens and fans have another opinion!

Mundo Deportivo continued his conversations with the Dutch magazine Frankie De Jong about Matthias de Liechte, a big goal for the Dutch defense and Barcelona during the summer break.

– De Young, De Licht team target sale price in Barcelona

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola continues his big policy of strengthening the Azzurri team to keep top players in control of the English football and the whole of Europe.

Guadalua moves to snatch a future duo in Real Madrid.

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