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Neuronal disease is colonized by colon in Alexandria.


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Neuromuscular nerve cells undergo a child to eradicate Alexandria's colon in Masrawy on Monday, November 12, 2018.

Alexandria – Mohamed El Badry:

A medical team at the Al-Shatby University Hospital in Alexandria conducted a colonic resection in a pediatric operating room in a hospital with an 8-year-old child.

Saber Wahib, a pediatric surgeon at Alexandria University School of Medicine and a surgical team leader in congenital anomalies, has admitted a child with birth defects of colon cancer due to congenital anomalies at birth.

On Sunday evening, "Masrawi", the child had an erection of an abnormal colon and an emergency operation of approximately 30×30, about 3 kilograms, and the examination showed that the child was suffering from a small part of the examination as a sign of congenital anomalies. While born, can be found early on.

He said that these types of conditions should be diagnosed at birth, and sometimes during pregnancy, if newly discovered and the presence of congenital malformations of nerve cells require surgical intervention at the age of 1 year.

He pointed out that symptoms can help diagnose an early imbalance. He pointed out that the diagnosis is not always true, pointing out that the birth process and the occurrence of constipation at different ages are medical problems of all ages.

He described the symptoms of constipated children, including responding to drugs, nutrition, training, and education, including the consequences of genetic defects in the absence of neurons in the colon or part of the intestine, and early diagnosis of surgical intervention at appropriate times and times There is another reason for that.

In all cases and problems that require treatment only for narcotics or enema, the surgical team leader points out that the concept of the treating physician may lose the opportunity to perform surgery over time, pointing to the high risk of inaccurate diagnostic rates Complications can lead to death.

He emphasized that lack of awareness of the problem and personality of the child 's developmental process and lack of family education can reach the terminal stage due to lack of diagnostic ability and professionalism.

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