Sunday , May 16 2021

Gunmen close the field of living life

The National Oil Corporation of Libya has announced Monday that a well-organized group of one of the largest oil fields in the southwest of the country is closed.

In a statement to the website that the company stated that the status of "lender" in & # 39; The oilfield has paid that business by Acacus & # 39; in cooperation with the National Foundation and Companies Repsol Spanish and Total French, OMV & # 39; Austria and Statoil & # 39; Norway.

The spider's area is located in Ubari, or 900 km south of Tripoli, one of the 39 ' The largest oil field in Libya and product 315,000 barrels per day from more than one million barrels is the total production of land, according to the Foundation.

The "power" condition gives the company the responsibility of being in charge of non-export to oil contracts.

The closure would also affect the production of the nearest Elephant Field (73,000 bpd), made by football, warning of a daily loss of $ 32.5 million.

The organization accused a local "militia" that clashed on the oil installations waiting for the field to occupy.

Oil services in Libya are often attacked by armed groups, tribes or military officers.

In a videotape posted on social web site, residents in southern Libya said they had been closed, refused to marginalize and their area did not find any safety, fuel and electricity.

The NOC called on the soldiers to leave the field "immediately and without prescription", in order to contact their "military".

"Army must leave the field off," said Mustafa Sannallah, head of the organization.

But the solidarity of the Foundation embraced the demands of # 39; The people of southern Libya, who are convinced that their crimes must not require their interest for special interests.

Libya has been in chaos since the flood of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

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