Wednesday , October 20 2021

Gulf News | Khamenei confirms rejection of any meeting between Iranian and Israeli athletes


TehranAgencies: Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei yesterday stressed the need for Iranian athletes to abstain from any competitor from the world of Israel, and stressed the support of every athlete who does so, regardless of their nationality.

Khamenei said, “The bullying and illegal Zionist entity is trying, by participating in international sports arenas, to gain legitimacy for itself, and to support and support the worldwide arrogant people and their followers,” according to statements published on its website.

The guide added, “No free athlete is satisfied with recognizing a representative of the Zionist entity and shaking hands with him for a medal.” He was received by Iranian athletes who won medals during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo this summer.

Iranian athletes won seven medals, three of them gold, at the Olympics, and 24 medals (12 gold.).) At the Paralympic Games.

Many Iranian athletes have previously refrained from confronting Israelis, either through withdrawals or through medical certificates. It says they are infected.

As before, Arab and Muslim players withdrew not to face Israeli opponents, the last of whom is Algerian judo player Fathi Noreen at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, held in July and August 2021.

He would face Noreen Al-Sudani, Mohamed Abdel-Rasoul, in his first match in the 64kg round of the 73kg category. With the possibility that he will meet the Israeli Tohar Potbol in round 32.

But Noreen announced his withdrawal four days before the match because “the Palestinian cause is bigger than these matters.” This is an irreversible decision. “

As in many cases of withdrawal for similar reasons, the International Judo Federation suspends Noreen, considering that what It was carrying out was “completely against the philosophy of the Union”, which was a “strict policy of non-discrimination and promotion of solidarity “has. As a basic principle, it is reinforced by the values ​​of judo. ”

In his speech yesterday, Khamenei said that “the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran must defend the rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Also Iranian and non-Iranian athletes, who were refused because of their refusal to compete with the representative of the Zionist entity. “The case of the” Algerian player “without mentioning him directly.

In October 2019, the International Judo Federation banned Iran from international matches because of what it considered a refusal. The forces are to enable their players their Israeli opponents, especially the case of the 2018 world champion under 81 kg Happy Mollaei.

The International Judo Federation said Mollaei was under pressure from the authorities of his country to deliberately lose a championship The 2019 World Cup, to ensure that he does not run a potential competition with an Israeli competitor, Saji Muki.

Mollaei left Iran that year, initially joining the refugee team before gaining Mongolian citizenship and returning to international competitions, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

On March 1, the Court of Arbitration for Sport announced the lifting of the definitive ban imposed on Iran by the International Federation. However, the latter returned and punished Iran with a four-year ban that will last until 2023.

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