Sunday , August 14 2022

# Green_ Billiards_ Snooker Ranked 3rd in the UAE Gulf Championship


RIYADH – The Saudi billiards and snooker group took third place in the Gulf Combination Championship yesterday with a "three gold medals, seven silver medals, three bronze medals" medals in the UAE. Abhullah Al Shammari, Muhannad Al-Ghamis and Radwan Jameel were the first gold medals in the competition and the second gold medal was Mohammed Ba & apos; abad and Muhannad Al- Ghamiz took charge and Khaled Al-Ghamdi won the ninth gold medal.

Abdullah Al-Shammari won the silver medal and Muhannad Al-Ghamis won the bronze medal in the 9th round. Mohamed Babad, Abdullah Al Shamman, Muhanad Al-Gamis, Muhannad Al-Ghamis won bronze, Mohammed Baadad won silver medals in billiards, and Khaled Al-Ghamdi won silver medals in billiards.

Nizar Asiri won silver at the snooker tournament, Omar Al Ajlani won the silver at the snooker tournament, Hani Al Owaidi won the master snooker snooker medal, Omari won the Junior Squash Championship.

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