Tuesday , January 18 2022

French parliament members commend the UAE for its humanitarian efforts.


The French-UAE Parliamentary Friendship Group praised the UAE's humanitarian and development initiatives around the world, highlighting the vitality of programs and initiatives undertaken by the Department of New International Affairs (YAE) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This is Dr. Mohamed Ateeq Al-Falahi Amelia Lacravi, chair of the Franco-Emirate Friendship Group at the French Parliament.

LaCrafi says "Crescent is one of the most active humanitarian organizations and is most fortunate to provide relief goods to those affected by the events at Yemeni Stadium." LaCrafi is a humanitarian response to disaster victims. I expressed thanks for my efforts.

For his part, such a meeting emphasized the role of the humanitarian state at all levels, reflecting the vision and guidelines of Former Prime Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the leader of the ruling dhafra region, This is to clarify the initiative.

He has consulted the National Council in the framework of cooperating and integrating the role of state agencies to reflect the efforts and initiatives the UAE has taken to alleviate suffering and preserve human dignity.

At this meeting, Red Crescent Secretary General reviewed the national strategy of providing humanitarian aid to countries around the world and stressed that it depends on the principle of non – discrimination based on gender discrimination and racial discrimination.

Abyan Governorate, Regional Director of Mahdi Al-Hamed and Director of Education Yahya Al-Yazidi started distributing 20,000 school bags from the UAE Red Crescent to first-year students.

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