Sunday , May 28 2023

Famous artists post photos before and after a successful cosmetic surgery. Please check the difference! (Video and photo)


The young Saudi star Rimas Mansour
As for her latest plastic surgery, she recorded videos inside a cosmetics clinic that reveals nature.
Alien surgery.

Rimas Mansour said he would undergo inhalation surgery.
"Lalalig" to reduce the amount of fat, chin and her cheeks until her face is thinner and more sweet.
Some people teased them and called them "mother of linguists" and said they wanted to call them.
B "Mother of the cheek".

Yemen's wealthy Saudi artist took part.
Her audience sat next to the hospital where the doctor was held after the surgery and took a picture.
She wrote the last part of the commentary in the container containing Ramas Mansour's chin and fat from the face.
On the photo: "Praise to Allah, I came to Galighi from the aspiration of Gloghee
Oh, God, thank you. I have no pain in the fat ice and gold thread after inhaling directly.
The spleen area tightens the fat. The resulting text is 50% showing your eyes and the end result.
A month later. "

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