Thursday , June 1 2023

Egyptian singer non-members stop singing in movies and serials.


Cairo – Shaimaa Mekkawi

Hani Shaker artist and Khaled Abdel Galil, the artist's censor director, are artists who are members of the musical professional syndicate or who produce songs or musical compositions in films or dramatic works unless the syndicate approves it. I agreed not to. The drama took place within the framework of SAI and music professional syndication efforts to prevent music and musical works that fit the general taste and to weaken the position of the founder of Arab art.

Painters Hani Shaker and Dr. Khaled Abdel Jalil call for producers of art to contribute to the success and revitalization of the leading role of Egyptian art, and we are all companions in the mention of the most beautiful face of Arab art.

Read the news about Egyptian singer non-cooperators not allowing them to sing in a movie or series on the Gulf, noting that the content of the topic may have been written by lifestyle, fully communicated or quoted, You can read and follow the style. We wish you a Happy Day and are responsible for the contents of this news.

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