Wednesday , July 28 2021

Egyptian Order: Mohammad Morsi is an agent of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard

The Cairo criminal trial, which held in the Tora Courts Complex, decided to join former President Mohamed Morsi and others in & # 39; to announce a case as "Communication with Hamas" until April 28th.

According to the Egyptian daily Al-Shorouq, the court heard the problem of & # 39; right in & # 39; A thing that had always happened to the Muslim bridge was to create its "terrorist plot" to earn and try to spread the Arab states in a context of what is in the new Middle East.

"Brotherhood began another crime, the explanation of secrets to a foreign country, when checking a security report's response from one of Brotherhood's members to communicate and communicate with the Iranian Revolutionary guardians , Hezbollah and Hamas, where Mahi Hamid, Ahmed Abdelati, Mohammed Refaaa Tahtawi and Assad Sheikha and others provide much information This is damaging to the interests of the country and the strong Egyptian security, to foreign organizations & # 39; ; t negate the relationships with some countries. "

The representative of the court case, said the accused persons under the Kingdom of & # 39; a republic works under the authority of Mursi and through its functions are responsible for these reports.

The representative of the legal entity completed the audit of some elements under the guidance of & # 39; operating the Irish islands, the Egyptians under the paragraph of the name of "Tahiti Shiite", and a security report on the injuries in & # 39; a matter according to their functions, but no decision was taken, and changed the way they work from the public to secret, the president of Arabia's Egypt izole Mohamed Morsi agent of & # 39; A Revolutionary Guard, who has not taken a decision, spares the evidence.

The Court of Cassation had previously ruled for the death of & # 39; death and life earning a presidential president from Mohamed Morsi and 18 others and taking in 7 years for Mohamed Refaa Tahtawi and Asaad Sheikha in & # 39; In case of communication with Hamas and decided to recreate.

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