Thursday , October 6 2022

Drugs that affect the lungs


Systematic studies have revealed the adverse effects of drugs on the lungs, a commonly used drug to treat a variety of chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer and heart disease, and the results were published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.
In the accompanying paper, adverse effects of the drug, a form of rapid onset disease, were found, but in this study involving data from more than 6,000 patients, some drugs adversely affected the lungs in order to identify the negative effects of the 27 commonly used drugs . However, some of the drugs used to treat the liver cause interstitial lung disease, which often appears after years of use.
The researchers say patients do not have to worry about their negative effects, but continue to use prescription medicines while at the same time the physician must follow the patient's lung condition and sense what effect the lungs are experiencing.

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