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Chronic constipation treatment in two days


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Monday, November 12, 2018 Source: Eat fiber-rich foods that promote bowel movements.

Because constipation is one of the causes of extreme hemorrhoids, the treatment of chronic constipation is one of the most important methods of hemorrhoids treatment, so constipation therapy should naturally be the first step in the treatment of hemorrhoids. There are two types of constipation: temporary constipation and chronic constipation. In both cases, constipation is defined as a gastrointestinal disorder called cirrhosis or non-recurrent exudation. Constipation is accompanied by swelling, pain and cramps because the stool is dry or difficult to pass normally.

What causes chronic constipation?
One of the major causes of constipation is insufficient water intake, long bowel movements, poor bowel movements, severe feces, or lack of nutrients as the second cause of constipation. Required to save. On the other hand, bad bowel movements or interruption of work can lead to constipation.

What causes constipation?
We mentioned in previous articles that there are two main causes of constipation, one of which is a highly functional cause and the other a rare organic cause.

First: the cause of functional constipation:
1 – High temperatures that occur in the case of heat and heat.
2 – General constipation in the last period of pregnancy because it presses the uterus in the last part of the digestive system.
3 – The cause is not satisfactory due to anxiety and psychological tension.
4 – Presence of psychological or mental neurological disorders.
5-infection of the nerve colon.
6 – Movement of the colon is stagnant and waste of water slows down and absorption of wasted objects increases.
7. Lack of exercise and exercise.
8 – Increase or decrease the imbalance of the normal ratio of calcium in bad metabolism or blood or thyroid secretion due to the imbalance of body function most commonly caused by diabetes.
9 – If you change your lifestyle, such as when you are traveling for a long time or you quit smoking, suppress your desire to defecate.
10 – It occurs in older people who are seated by two people with weakened myocardium.
11 – Take drugs or medications that have one of the side effects of constipation, such as cough and drugs containing codeine, such as drugs, acidity and hypertension.
Extensive food constipation is caused by a lack of dairy products, beverages and juices, which are the most important reasons for improper eating, such as eating foods that produce a slight waste of meat or fiber, or foods that increase stiffness in the stool.

Second: Causes of Organic Constipation:
The cause of organic constipation is rare. The most important example of infection is – God forbids benign and malignant tumors to occasionally narrow the stenosis or cause the anus or anal hernia or fallen or narrow intestinal abscess, gallbladder or colon or the presence of anal or rectal anus.

Constipation Prevention Law:
To prevent chronic constipation, drink at least two liters of water each day and a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fresh fruits and grains rich in fiber.

How to treat chronic constipation:
As mentioned in the factors leading to chronic constipation, prevention is always more effective than treatment, and if the stool is softened using drugs or medicines, the importance of these drugs and medicines is restored after use is completed, but in all cases, You need to see a doctor. Especially when you have severe constipation, or when you notice that your bowel movements are severely painful or your weight is too low. These are less important than the most expensive drugs, but they are the most important way and means of treating other important chronic constipations.
1 – Drink large quantities of water with more than 2 liters of water daily. Fresh juices should not be replaced with soft drinks or juices despite the fact that the body's fibers are expanding.
2 – Eat foods that are rich in fiber and foods. It stimulates movement of the intestines and exercise of the most important foods rich in fiber, fruits and fresh vegetables. Fiber supplements can be used to treat chronic constipation.
3 – Avoid eating foods that reduce constipation as much as possible or cause temporary constipation until treatment is over. Foods that include dairy and sugar, dairy, eggs, rice, and white bread are the most important. Do not eat too much unnecessary food and food, such as beans, chilled foods, cookies, ice cream, onions, donuts, red meat, and incomplete mature bananas.
4 – Avoid drinking caffeinated coffee, tea and other beverages. Despite the help of caffeine, constipation can be cured, but long-term results can be completely the opposite.
For some reason it is better to use the Arab baths or to use the bath to seat your feet without wasting your needs. This facilitates movement of the intestines.
6 – It is the most important way to stimulate the digestive system should you finally have to exercise or not sit for at least long.

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