Tuesday , January 18 2022

Cat bites killing British tourists in Morocco


In a relatively rare case, a mouth or kiss of a dog or cat infected with a fatal bacterial or rabies infection has infected many strangers and owners of non-pet pets, especially those displaced from the streets. The streets and public places are not grafted or clean.
British health officials say Britons have died of rabies in Morocco after rabies in Morocco.
The British press said the health authorities were living with British tourists living in the kingdom of Morocco and found that the reason for his death was related to the price of infected cats. A British health official said in a statement that all travelers to Morocco and other countries should pay attention to prices and other fears about infectious diseases when accessing pets.
"We urge all British travelers to be alert, especially in countries where SARS is prevalent," said Mary Ramsey, Immunization Director.
The World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out that rabies is a "zoonotic (animal and human) disease" caused by a virus. The disease affects pets and wildlife and usually moves from animal to person through exposures to water or moisture from saliva by saliva.

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