Tuesday , January 31 2023

Bitcoin loses $ 1,400


Negative performance dominated most of the cryptocurrency’s performance in trading today, Sunday, with traders on the verge of making quick gains for the gains those currencies have made in recent sessions.

The value of “Bitcoin” decreased today in early trading, by 2.3% to reach $ 60.7 thousand, losing about $ 1.43 thousand, according to data from the website “CoinMarketCap”, which specializes in monitoring the performance of cryptocurrencies.

The total market value of this crypto-currency fell by 2.6% during the current trading day, losing about $ 30 billion, after falling from the level of $ 1.17 trillion to about $ 1.14 trillion.

At the weekly level, the gains of the ‘Bitcoin’ currency today reached 9%, which it reached due to circulating news of the difficult launch of the cryptocurrency futures fund that would be traded on the US Stock Exchange.

At the level of other cryptocurrencies, the currency “Binance Coin” decreased by 1.6 percent in the early trading day to $ 464.9. Cardano’s currency fell 2% to $ 2.16.

The currency “Ripple” also fell by 0.9%, to reach the level of $ 1.13, and “Blockadot” fell by 2.2% to $ 42.5.

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