Friday , April 23 2021

Bahrain leaves for South Korea and sets aside the Asian Cup

Sharjah 24 – Mahmoud Ali:

Bahrain, a fight full of enthusiasm, was not enough to lose 2-1 to South Korea and the Asian Cup 2019 will be held on Tuesday at the Rashid Stadium in Dubai.

The Korean team started by Hwang Chan in the 43rd minute, but the Bahrain team has run through Mohammed Saad Al Rumaihi in & # 39; 77 minutes.

The two teams kept the extra time, after the original time of the game, with a positive profit.

Kim Jinn-soo scored the winner's goal with a header in the 107th minute to & # 39; the referee Mohammed Al Rumaihi & # 39; s leading in the second half.

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