Tuesday , May 11 2021

Arab Tourism Ministers Meeting 13 Articles on Land, Sea and Air Transport in Alexandria

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The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport has the 23rd ordinary session of the Executive Council of # The Council of Arab Ministers of Tourism in Headquarters in Abu Kir, east of Alexandria, with the participation of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Bahrain and Iraq. Administration of Transport and Tourism at the Arab University.

Prince Sultan bin Salman, chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, Minister of Tourism Dr. Rania Al-Mushat, Dr. Ismail Abdul Ghaffar, President of # 39; the Arab Academy of Science and Technology and Dr. Abdulaziz Qanswa, Governor of Alexandria, witnessed the presentation of students of # 39; the Academy.

The agenda before the Council has 13 points on all subjects of land, sea and air transport,

The first item is the joint meeting of tourism ministers and cultural ministers in Arab countries and the inclusion of the proposed visa issued by the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage in the Saudi-Arabia Kingdom with the purpose of effective partnerships among the Arabian countries in the field of cultural tourism and the establishment of tourism as the main engine for the establishment of the Arab cultural heritage. The development of the cultural tourism sector in the Arab world, such as the prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, president of # 39; the National Authorities for Tourism and National Heritage Palm Lakh Saudi Arabia's Finding Cooperation between Tourism and Culture in the Arab State Mechanism)

The second point includes the support of Palestinian economy and contains a document signed by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Palestine. The paper decides on inviting & # 39; the special ministerial council lines on their various fields to enhance support for the Palestine state and to extend some of their programs to revitalize and develop projects that make the effects less. The repetition of what was being eroded by the population and helping the State of Palestine to save its financial crisis, in addition to the tourism sector in Palestine, and in Al-Quds Al-Sharif and promoting Arab-Islamic tourism to Palestine mainly for Al-Quds Al-Sharif to get tourism and support from the tourist sector and its services to hotels and Arab tourist offices and others)

The third part contained in & # 39; the tourist information and statistical aspects of the Arab tourism strategy, and contained a paper submitted by the Ministry of Tourism in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a paper from the Ministry of Tourism in the Kingdom of Bahrain proposals to activate the tourist information and statistical aspects in support of the Arab tourism strategy. The paper presented the proposed solutions to conquer the challenges that have been made with tourist statistics, namely the establishment of a joint meeting between the Government Ministers and the heads of statistical bodies in # 39; Arab countries, the development of a program to make use of the tourist statistics in Europe and an annual plan to eliminate the activities of this program.

The fourth item: sustainable development 2030 in the tourist sector in & # 39; The Arab region and contains (including the efforts of Arab countries to implement the goals of sustainable development 2030 in all sectors in the Arab countries, and try the Continuous preparations for the high level political forum, Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, which represents the central role in monitoring follow-up and repetitive activities at the global level of progress in realizing the goals and Objectives of the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan by submitting national reports of States to evaluate progress Regional and global)

Article 5: Tourism Quality Tours in the field of travel and tourism organizations It influences the criteria provided by the Arabian Tourism Organization by the presentation of tourist quality standards in the field of tourist media and travel agencies World Tourism Organization, so that these standards can be achieved at the highest level of advocate modernization The standards are treated by the World Subsidization Organization and then subject to the Technical Committee for Arab Tourism submitted for the recommendation to the Executive Board of # 39; to raise the Council)

The document contains a work paper submitted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior. The paper contains a reference to the safety phase that forms Arab tourism and the role of ' the Arabian police in ensuring the tourist traffic to the Arab countries and the importance of the role. The Security Council for the dissemination of security culture in the field of tourism and the conclusion of the paper on the importance of 'Arab cooperation between the police authorities involved in promoting the incoming movement Tourism through community education and sharing of information and experience, along with the development of security plans to ensure Yen tourism and hotel facilities and special mechanisms directed against terrorist incidents.

And the seventh item: business incubators for tourist projects: working a work paper submitted by the Arab Academy of Science, Texts and Maritime Transport. The discussion of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology by the Entrepreneurship Center enters the Academy to encourage entrepreneurs and young people with innovative ideas and offer various programs to motivate them to establish management of successful pilot companies by incubators and growth- accelerators)

Article 8: The role of the Arab Civilian Organization for the support of Arab tourism, it contains a paperwork from & # 39; an Arab Civilian Organization. To develop mechanisms for discovering and marketing these areas and the private sector and investors inviting them to participate in the revitalization of tourism in those areas.

Article 9: Participation of the Arab Ministerial Councils in & # 39; Expo 2020 Dubai (including the review of the United Arab Emirates, represented by the citizens of Expo Expo 2020 Dubai from 20 October 2020 to April 10, 2021 there Expo 2020 The first international exhibition in the Middle Ages, Africa and South Asia, the first exhibition represented by an Arab country by the United Arab Emirates, is the main expo is "Conquer the mind and make the future" through partnerships in the area of ​​knowledge transfer, Services).

Article 10: Promoting the design of subcommissions that are followed by the Technical Committee for Arab Tourism and Contributions (a working paper filed by the Arab Tourism Authorities and contains the discussion on the formation of various subcategories, followed by the Technical Committee for Arab Tourism and helps fulfill its responsibilities and performance of its role in a positive way)

The role of tourist media in the execution of # 39; The Arabian tourism strategy includes a work paper filed by the Arab Tourism Authorities, and also gave the importance of the media of # 39; the Federation to support the Arab tourist sector. Develop and follow the implementation of Arab Tourism Strategy and Presentation of # the results of the Arab Ministry of Tourism for Tourism

Article 12: Annual reports of 'activities of' The related Arab organizations and associations invites all Arab organizations and associations that work in the area of ​​tourism to hold as a number of participants in meetings of the Arab Ministerial Council for Arab Tourism to provide the secretariat with periodic reports to deliver their activities and results over the year. The Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism assesses the performance and effectiveness of its participation in # meetings of # 39; the Council and the Executive Office.

The thirteenth century contains the date and place of # 22th session of # 39; the Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism and the 25th session of his Executive Office.

Military Offered Prior to the Arab Ministry of Tourism Meeting
Military Offered Prior to the Arab Ministry of Tourism Meeting
Military Offered Prior to the Arab Ministry of Tourism Meeting
Military Offered Prior to the Arab Ministry of Tourism Meeting
Military Offered Prior to the Arab Ministry of Tourism Meeting
Military Offered Prior to the Arab Ministry of Tourism Meeting

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