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Al-Ittihad Newspaper – "After Thursday" .. a cinema that marks life's campsites



    During the filming of "After Thursday" (Photo: Imran Shahid)

During the filming of "After Thursday" (Photo: Imran Shahid)

Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)

A group of stars from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon in & # 39; a drama of the world is coming together in & # 39; a new UAE Saudi comedy "Beyond Thursday", which is about two young brothers, is living under the wing of a rich father and living in luxury and indifference before their father dies. He carries on them and teaches them the truth and meaning of life.

Photographic scenes
The movie stars of the UAE Mansour Al Faily, Bilal Abdullah and Ali Al Tamimi, Saudi Arabia Mohammed Al Hashim, Abdullah Al Jumairi, Mella Zahrani, Egypt Talaat Zakaria, Lebanon Dalida Khalil, Syria Bassam Ali and Saudi Haidar Samir Al Nasser . UAE, and visited the photo's of Saadiyat Island – Golf Club, and met some of & # 39; e heroes of the work.

Strong back
First, Dalida Khalil said: "I participated in a movie, distinguishing the story and my various role as a benefit to a group of drama stars in the Arab world, and work will be a strong addition for me, especially when i am back to filming in & quot; UAE & quot ;, I film my last movie "Maharaja" four months ago, to come "after Thursday" to make my strong return in & # 39; to earn a UAE drama.

A useful comedy
The actor Mohammed Al-Hashem described his experience as unique and unique, saying: "after Thursday" is the work of social comedy different and non-traditional, it is a rich and rich comedy and educational, the text is direct and presents beautiful And targeted messages, the most important being is a recurrence of things we & # 39; re missing today. , It plays from "the league" Sultan ", an indifferent person, but its life-jacket up and its character from a man to a playboy to Gad, after a financial crisis.

A special story
Producer and actress Abdul Hamid Al-Awam confirms that he plays the character of Abu Raja, a journalist and partner of Abu Nasser and Sultan, who died and left the legacy to earn his children, but to & # 39 It taught the real meaning of life. And, otherwise, the older generation, the generation of young people, creates a cinematic situation that combines comedy and tragedy.

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