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AIDS receives 450 Moroccans a year

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In a discussion on The National and Regional Feast of the Middle East and North Africa on & # 39; World AIDS Day in Rabat, Morocco, under the slogan "All for Morocco Healthy Sida" until 2030, organized by the Moroccan Ministry of Social Affairs.

He added that his country in 2017 registered 990 new cases of the genre.

The Moroccan minister said that the last estimate for the ministry was that "about 20,000 people have lived with the bird (known to be infected with the disease)."

"The death can be directly directed to HIV / AIDS or epidemic that are linked to epidemic," he said.

The prevalence of AIDS in Morocco is "slow, with a 0.10% incidence among the general population, while the epidemic is among the most vulnerable," he said.

He added that the countries of use in the field of detectives have the ability to make people living with HIV who have their status of 22% in 2010 to 70% in 2017.

The AIDS virus finds the immune system in the human body, changes its function, causing the weakness and weakness, leaving it without a defensive force, which can cause any disease to protect the immune system.

If the virus does not check, the patient is experimented with many dangerous and dangerous diseases and traumas, called opportunistic diseases, to prevent them from preventing the human body from defending and ratifying it .

According to the United Nations, the HIV video has 40 million people worldwide since its discovery killed, while 36.9 million people still learn it.

The first case of AIDS was discovered in June 1981 in the United States.

On December 1 of each year, the United Nations launches the World AIDS Day to cement awareness of transmissal and ways to prevent it.

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