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AED 3.1 billion UAE – Contribution of residential activity to total output of LAS Dubai


Abu Dhabi, November 11 (WAM) – Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Rise
UAE housing prices and food service sector
AED 31 billion in 2017 to 8.8% increase

Production in this sector accounts for 2.2% of GDP,
The current price of 1.422 trillion dirhams last year while it arrived
This ratio is 3.1% of total non-GDP according to statistics.
Issued by the federal authorities for competitiveness and statistics.

Facilities and food services continued to increase.
It has become an important area to support diversification policies over the past few years.
The policy that the UAE became a model
Regional according to the ranking of professional international organizations.

The development of the sector is consistent with the growth of the structure
Best Tourism in the Area
With the significant growth recorded in the facility's food service sector
Emirates Hotels.

Monitoring of the movement of sector growth indicators over the three years has been observed.
We saw that the degree of growth was recorded after the total output of accommodation activities increased
From Dh26.7 billion to Dh28.5 billion in 2015
By the end of 2016, Dirham plunged to 31 billion Dirham at the end of the year.

The UAE has benefited as a result
As demonstrated by the economic diversification policy by the end of 2017.
Monitoring of the indicator movement of the major nerve-forming economic sectors
This approach prepared for the post oil era.

National success in diversification policy
And to increase the private sector's contribution to comprehensive development.
Generally, the development of high value-added economic sector
National economic support.

A list of sectors that contributed to the increase in national profits at the level of
Economic diversification, manufacturing and knowledge industry
Aviation, space, transportation, storage, financial services and tourism
Renewable energy and other fields.

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