Tuesday , May 11 2021

Abu Dhabi Police Chief Director General Examines Capital Police Efforts to Make Customers Happy – Emirates – News & Reports

General General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, was briefed on the key development plans and initiatives and operational mechanisms implemented by the Directorate Capital Police to improve the security and safety march in line with the best international practice.

He was accompanied during the visit to the Capital Police, Major General Muhammad Suhail Al Rashdi, Director of the Criminal Security Sector, Colonel Hamad Abdullah Al Neyadi, Director of the Capital Police Directorate, Directors of Departments and Heads of Departments in ‘ the board of directors.

The Director General of the Police of Abu Dhabi met with the Director of the Directorate and the officials about the willingness to perform and the plans placed, and made the efforts to improve the process of policing, in accordance with best-developed practices, to achieve social stability. Offering excellent services to the public.

He toured the various departments and facilities of the Directorate, looked at the modern apparatus and equipment introduced for police work, expressed his appreciation for the various efforts of the branches in carrying out their duties, and listened to an explanation from the auditors at the Customer Happiness Center about the services offered to them. To the public.

Abu Dhabi’s Chief of Police emphasizes the importance of implementing the guidelines of the wise leadership to develop police work, to deepen the sense of security and safety among members of society, to bring happiness and increase the well-being of society and develop the opportunities for employees to provide different services to auditors, through continuous work, training, dissemination of quality and institutional excellence, and the promotion of a culture of loyalty.

He also stressed the constant striving to develop the level of performance and the programs used, to increase productivity with scientific methods and to improve the cooperation and communication with the relevant authorities and partners to establish the concept of security as the responsibility of everyone, and attention to contribute to the development of the capabilities of workers to continue to achieve achievements of the reality of a high sense of responsibility, to enhance the civilized image of the Abu Dhabi police force.

He explained that the Abu Dhabi Police are working to be one of the best police agencies in the world in the fight against and prevention of crime by implementing global strategies and best practices within organized and studied security plans to meet safety and security standards to achieve, and the concept of improving cooperation between the police and society.

He urged the officials and staff of the board to apply a methodology for communication with the public, to become acquainted with their opinions and suggestions and the extent of satisfaction with the services provided, and the relationship with partners in strengthen the jurisdiction to achieve the vision and objectives of the Abu Dhabi Police General Command.


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