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8 hot movies about the first Arab price


8 films in & # 39; a whole confrontation on & # 39; The first Saudi Arabian price Saudi Arabia, quoting Al-Masry Today, we publish 8 films in & # 39; a whole confrontation on & # 39; the first Arab price, 8 films in a whole confrontation about the first Arab price that we visit our visitors News News Today through our news site and start with the most important news, 8 films in a hard confrontation on the first Arab prize.

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The Arabian Horoscope Competition attracts special attention to the Cairo Film Festival. In the 40th session, eight movie films will be switched on and the first prize of $ 15,000 will change.

The competition films produce social problems that their countries learn, especially the Moroccan-Algerian film, controlled by Hicham El Esry, a joint production between the Kingdom of Morocco and France. His story revolves around a number of drawings in a historical event, the decision to draw the Eid al-Adha in 1996: Lottfi loses memory, Mansir denied by the family of the woman her husband Well, a child can not understand this expansion, and someone needs help to make suicide.

Criticism of # competition, Ahmed Shawki, the deputy director of # 39; the festival, says Hisham El Esry is in his sixth long film film further the unique features of his films, with their content of cultural and political references, and their modern narration, the elements of 'visual' art connects with the current state of the Kingdom of Morocco. Is always too big to increase in their story, such as large-scale films in general.

In "Jaahiliyyah" we are curiously interested in a visual story about a marginal historical event, which means there is a peak of # and was seen in Moroccan society in his films.

And the Saudi film "Umrah and the Second Wedding" by Mahmoud Sabbagh, was the first to be the first show in the Middle East and North Africa. One of them runs around Amra, a 44-year-old family, who has discovered that her retinue to want to have a young woman. To understand this new reality, its life begins to decline or continue to find a great compromise.

Shawqi confirms Saûd's director Mahmoud Sabbagh in his film, which he began in his first film, "A blessing to meet a blessing." From a movie and intelligent kinematic analysis of daily life in Saudi society, he painted his films in Saudi Arabia with Saudi actors and actors. A young woman presents a serious social speech in a modern cinematic fashion.

One of the films of & # 39; The competition is the Lebanese film "Eid Lunch" by Lucien Borgele. For the first time in two years, the family Dame Josephine is pleased to have her family members gathered at the Easter-Lunch table.

Farah finds hidden atmosphere of tension in the family, and a simple incident to make a radical change in her life, and this and all members of her family forget the atmosphere of celebration and joy.

The artistic director of the festival will go further: Lucian Borgele, a prominent playwright, can play a simple family hound in his first film experience in a dramatic confrontation that targets the Lebanese character's counterparts. Conflicts only have a summer cloud of members of one family, but they talk a lot about society there.

Also from Lebanon is "Good Morning" by Bahij Hjij, a French-Lebanese joint production.

The movie premiere in mid-ages, and events find place in a modern café with a wide window with a living Beirut street, and a wall, the news broadcast the news.

These unique performances include 16 hours, where a pensioner in 78's focuses on meeting his 80-year-old doctor in order to play crossword puzzles to capture their memory and fight fights.

Quietly Wood distributes a strange life in life and age, as in the daily life of Lebanon, and Beirut has changed over the years. Two personalities that every one of them leads, their presence and the shadow of their shadow, and a world that turns them around, holds their last days.

The Tunisian film "Fatwa" is the first tonic film written in Middle Ages, is a Tunisian collection of Belgium, which is directed by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud, which runs around to Ibrahim Tunisi, lives in France and returns to his homeland to bury his son who died in a motorcycle. In an interview with an extremist Islamic group, for the father to conduct his own research to find out whether his son was an extremist and knew who he led to the path of # 39; extremism.

In & # 39; the opinion of & # 39; Shawki, that the hero of # 39; the film Ahmed Hafian in # film performing and executive and influential leader has led by the veterans Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud in & # 39; The story of a search for the current identity of Tunisia Street, between the openness of # 39; The western passion and the tension between the boy, comes in the return journey of Father Journey to discover the world, through the standards of today's time.

And from Egypt's documentary film Kilo 64 in a world premiere, the film is directed by Amir Al-Shennawi movie film director revered young diplomat in the Faculty of Pharmacy, and decided to change the field and a farm in Kilo 64 on & # 39; a Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. Hamas Raises Hamas On January 24, 24-year-old Wael Al-Shennawi decides to create an agrarian business to make a social impact and contribute to the Egyptian economy, but not all as a plan.

Ahmed Shawki says: For two years, director Amir Al-Shanawi has seen the story of Jilin, where the young investor finds himself in the same position as his father when he tried his project to land the same country 20 years ago.

"Kilo 64" tells a simple story, but it tells a lot about what happened in Egypt ten years ago.

Moroccan cinema in competition is represented by the Aziz movie in # 39; the first show in the Middle East by director Mohsen Al-Basri. The events begin when the man Aziza sins, while she is pregnant in her seventh month to live in her brother's house and live with her son Ihsan.

A few years later, when Ehsan came to school, Ehsan's father saw a desire to restore him, in contrast to their brothers. It was decided that Aziza would take her son to the threshold of the house that she had closed one day. Above all.

After seven years of his high-ranking film "The Annoyed" Mohsen al-Basri changes his attention to his autobiography to tell a story about his youth, the first day of every human being to distinguish his mother. It is a long journey to "love" between two cities, the past and its position on the world. After a tour of more than one festival, the joint film of Egyptian-French-UAE is # 39; Poisonous Response & # 39; on the first show written in the Middle East and North Africa, directed by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh.

In one of the slaves, near Cairo, is the Madabagh district, where everybody lives, threatened by the rhythmic rhythm of # 39; the bottled machines, the dry dried animals and the dangers of toxic waste water everywhere. Within this whole world she holds a greeting, without hope, to her brother Sakr, who is her only dream to escape the life of tanneries.

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