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Where is the battle? In Sariyer? Where is Sarıyer?


Where is the battle? The jury's public award was in & # 39; He presented the jury on the run, and left the life of # 39; The role of singer and cheerleader of Sarıyer, he admired the audience and began to investigate where the series was.And where is the collision? In Sariyer? Where is Sarıyer? Why the details …

If the collision session begins to appear on screen, the viewers of the & # 39; Collapse a list of the sessions included in the session. Where is the battle drawn? The majority of & # 39; lines of & # 39; The roles are places in Istanbul. In # 39 the series of colossal remains the name & # 39; Sarıyerspor – a lot for the series is among the most important places Sarıyerspor.

The script of the string is written by Ali Aydin. Kivanc Tatlıtuğ · ın Mahir in the role of Mahir's wife in # 39; The series Sevtap Özaltun will be the name. Cemre's Demir bike plays the role of Hakan Kurtaş, Kerem's close friend Yakup as Efecan Şenolsun, Zeynep's wife Galip as İsmail Demirci and Kerem's friend Meral is played by Merve Çağıran.


Sarıyer is the neighborhood on the European side of Istanbul. Besiktas in the south, Sisli in the southwest and the districts of Eyupsultan in the west and the Bosphorus in the east and the Black Sea in the north. Sarıyer district consists of 35 districts. In 2012, the district of Ayazağa, Maslak and Huzur, was located within the boundaries of Şişli, one of the northern districts of İstanbul.

Collision Series Topic

The topic of collision success is clear. An impressive story begins with the battle of four cars in the sky. The story of Mahir, a traitor with a trauma, is told. Ali Aydin will write the script of 'warrior'. While it is known, Ali Aydın was the scriptwriter for Bride for Istanbul. Uluç Bayraktar will be the director of the fight. The war will be a police system and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ will appear as the top of the window.

Collision Series Players

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ (Collision Series Kadir Adalı)

Born in 1983 in Adana, Kıwanç Tatlıtuğ is 35 years old. Although Kivanc Tatlıtuğ was a model, she had a great success as an actress and film actress and became a star in the world. In 2016 Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Başar Dizer married. In 2002, Best Model of Turkey earned our diploma and represented our country in the world. She earned Silver Silver first and played the leading role of Menekşe and Halil.

Kivanc Tatlıtuğ & # 39; the most important series of Love-I-Memnu has given life to the character Behlül has been character. After he has been in Northern series series life was on the Northern Character and was successful. Eventually he appeared in the leading roles in Kurt Seyit and the Shadow and Cesur and Güzel.

Mahir is a successful police commissioner. After the great dream of his family, Mahir scandalizes the world and experiences psychological problems.

Contact Alperen direkteur

Alperen Duymaz was born in 1992 in Ankara and is 26 years old. Graduated from Hacettepe University, the Ankara State Conservatory Theater Department. First, she lived in the series The Sweet Little Liars. After his successful action as a great character, he succeeded in starring Ate başar character in the Baar of Masalı and gave his name to the country. Cukur was later set up in # series with Charmer Commander Emrah's, and the series was like a bomb in # 39; the agenda with a serious debt. He is most recently in film Direniş Karatay.

Alperen Duymaz brings a thief to Kerem to life.

Elçin Sangu (Collision Zeynep)

Elçin Sangu is probably one of the finest leading actors in recent times. Born in Izmir, Elçin Sangu has graduated from the Mersin University Opera department. Elçin Sanguasınun hopes some of the brands in the & nbsp; the period of models in ads are included. One of the most sought after names, Elçin Sangu, attracted attention. Later, Elçin Sangu, who was interested in acting, shared the plays and proved his talent. Elçin Sangu's project provided the most to recognize the most and the story of love has been the project. Love in the number of characters that make life live on the bay was only in Turkey, but in the world with a reputation. Perhaps there was no other player who was famous in one project so. Elçin Sangu first appeared on TV series "Bir Oler Zaman", followed by Kurt Seyit and Shura and Sevdam Alabora. We have one of Turkey's highest paid women. It's the face of both Boyner and Elidor.

Zeynep; The wife of Galip is also the mother of Leyla. Zeynep is a successful banker; But Zeynep, who has a problem marriage, wants to start a new life. Zeynepete takes action to save her daughter Leyla.

Melisa Aslı Pamuk (Crash Cemre)

Melisa Aslı Pamuk was born in the Netherlands on April 14, 1991. She is 27 years old. 58 kg olab and 1.76 cm high Cem Tatlıtuğ is the manager's manager. Melisa Asli Pamuk is the winner of # Competition of # 39; a Miss Turkey. Eventually he got a great appreciation to his Asu Kozcuoğlu katoer, he was killed in the life of Kara Sevda. In 2014-2015 he provided the life of Zeynep character in Ulan-Istanbul TV series. In television series Kurt Seyit and Shura, Ayse has the lead role with the character of Sevi and Yer Gök Aşk Sevda.

Melisa Aslı Pamuk will live the Cemre character of Lawyer Zeynepereces.

Sevtap Özaltun (Collision Original)

Sevtap Özaltun was born on September 12, 1984 and is in his 34s. Despite being 34 years old, she is more beautiful than her 18-year-old daughters. Sevtap Özaltun was born in Artvin. Sevtap Özaltun is a diplomat from the Haliç University Conservatory. Özaltun is known for his ads Yapıkredi and Turkcell. First, Fatma Gül's regulation a series of what Wat Suç? Ulan is known for his character Derya in Istanbul. First there was place in Sevda Bird's series.

His wife Asli will be Mahiracaks happy. In & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Mahir's psychology plays a role in his wife.

İsmail Demirci (Collision Winner)

İsmail Demirci was born in Ankara on November 13, 1984 and is 34 years old. Anadolu University State Conservatory Theater graduated, Ismail Demirci was loved by Erkan living in Kurtlar Vadisi ambush row. Eventually, the series of responses in the Tekin and Sparrow Palace are known for the character of Ramadan. Factory does not hold the last series.

She is the wife of Galip Zeynep. He has a problem with his wife Zeynep.

Hakan Kurtaş (Collision Iron)

Hakan Kurtaş is known for his character in the series Full Moon. Hakan Kurtaş was born in 1988 in Bursa and is 30 years old. Hakan Kurtaş, the diplomat of Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory, is a successful cartoonist. Hakan Kurtaş is not just a player, but also a composer and soloist. He is a good guitarist. Hakan Kurtaş, Star TV is a famous series of children who come in the screen and have a look.

Demir Cemre's inheritance

Contact Efecan Şenolsun director

Efecan Şenolsun was born in 1992 in İzmir and is 26 years old. His older sister Melisa Şenolsun is also a famous actor. In brief, she played the leading role in the # Nefz series. Efecan ŞEnolsun When he was only 16 years old, he came to İzmir with the dream to become an actress. First he took part in the series Waiting for the Sun, and hit attention. Efecan Senol was most pleased with the character of the free character in the Shatter series. She is the place as Cem in 2015 Nadide Hayat film with Cem-character.

Jacob; He is a close friend of Kerem; If he is a thief and his friend.

See Merve's complete profile

Merve Cagiran was born in 1992. She is a 26-year-old actress. Originally Balıkesir. Merve Çağıran took actress classes at the 35,5 cycle cycle. First, the series she has in more than just STV Turkey. He will soon be in the production of 2016, instead of both of us. His real rebellion was with the series Sweet Little Liars.

Meral is the love for Kerem. He could not believe Kerem was a thief.

Contact directly

Erkan Can was born on November 1, 1958 in Bursa. She has a child named Deniz Can, who is 15 years old, with Azita Can. She had her first academic experience with Bursa State Theater. He studied at the Theater Municipal Conservatory in Istanbul. He was named by giving life to basic form in # 39; muhtars'. In short, Kara Para Aşk Acı Aşk and Bir Deli Sevda are part of the series.

Collision Nazan Kesal

Finally, Ms. Virtue and girls, ladies and virtuous success gave life to a player who has a reputation greater than the borders of Turkey. Nazan Kesal was born on 28/03/1969 and is 49 years old. He is originally from Manisa. His real name is Nazan Kırmış. Graduated from Dokus Eylül University Theater Department. In 2005 he married actress Ercan Kesal. Cagatay Ulusoy in 2015, Delibal movie, and the actor has been a demonstration. In 2015, Mothers and Mothers series series appeared with Muazzez character.

Buca Hero

Buce Buse KAHRAMAN She was born in 1996 and is 22 years old. It is 1.70 cm high and Buçe Buse KAHRAMAN is 54 kg. She graduated from DOKUZ EYLUL UNIVERSITY FACULTY OR FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT OF PLAYING. In 2017 she appeared in The Bad Boy film.

Furkan Crowd

Furkan Derin was born in 1993 and is 25 years old. He studied at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory Department of Theater. Eventually he was in Istanbul's Gelin series series in & # 39; and ads by Avea and Kfc. He is a player of Icon-Talent.

Weather Horozoğlu

MeteHorozoglu was born in October 1975 in Ankara and was 44 years old. He is a diplomat of Eskişehir Anadolu University and received his academic training in Eskişehir. In 2009, Mete Horozoğlu was named for his film Nefes Vatan and later he was in a series of Zaman Bir Geçer zaman & # 39; was called. Eventually he took part in the Benim Adım Gültepe diary of 2014. He has a son and he is married.

Onur Saylak was involved in the fight

The very trendy series of screens was a surprise. Onur Saylak, the veterinarian actor who appeared earlier in television series, Ulis Sens, is now in crash. The series is expected to show in November.

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