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What is Toxoplasmosis, how is it passed? What are the ways to prevent toxoplasmosis?

Eye health and disease specialist Lecturer. Fatih Atmaca, "The most important is hand hygiene. We must be sure of our hygiene before we reach our hands!


Eye health and disease specialist Lecturer. Fatih Atmaca, a member of the calendar, provided the following information & # 39; e worklist: k Toxoplasma parasites live in the gut of cats. It spreads to the environment with cat's jaw. When the parasitic cat makes its feeds on the street, rainwater and parasites are mixed with water and soil. In the chocolate we take a salad, parsley can have a toxoplasmosis parasite. The parasites of animals, such as sheep and cows, have parasites. If we eat raw meat, if we eat salami, dishes or birds pink dumplings, we can decompose the parasite into our bodies.

Could be a boss with the plate

The organs that the body intends to focus on are the retinal layers and the brain exchange of our eyes. The migration to the placental infant is common in pregnant people. Depending on this, blindness through retinal involvement can be updated with cerebral involvement, fluidity, and abnormal cerebrospinal fluid. If a pregnant person gets a parasite, there is a high risk of infection. Mental retardation, blindness, growth development retardation, debt problems, epilepsy attacks, liver and soul grooves, anemia can occur in & nbsp;


Good washing of vegetables and salads, the cooking meat is very important. If we are aware of this, the risk is greatly reduced. In addition, cats should be in careful contact with the main source of parasite and handwash should be taken care of. It must also be assumed that; the idea that dangerous cats are being eliminated and that there is no risk at all because there is no danger of toxoplasmosis.

Why protect to protect TOXPLASTY?

• Hand hygiene and often hand washing.
• All your hands always dread when you do the garden.
• Take care of raw or undercooked meat (salami, whale, etc.).
• Always keep in contact with raw meat.
• Do not use raw meat and shampoo without groundwater.
• Taste and fruit very well.
• Think again if the green love is salads.
• Make sure the sandbar changes in 24 hour intervals. Sand trade. Then wake up your hands.

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