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What are the benefits of Gingseng? Where was Gingseng Found?

Ginseng is one of the herbs commonly used in dietary supplements in recent years. It has held an important place in traditional Chinese culture for centuries. Ginseng, a slow-growing and perennial plant species in the family Araliaceae, can be classified in three ways, depending on how much it grows; fresh ginseng, white ginseng and red ginseng. Red ginseng is one of the most well known types.

What are the benefits of Ginseng?

The ginseng plant resembles structure very similar to the human body. For this reason, it is believed that the plant has a therapeutic effect on the human body.

  • Strengthens the immune system: Ginseng that strengthens the immune system; It protects the body against infections and kills bacteria.

  • Relieves menopause: Menopausal disorders seen in older women can be eliminated by consuming ginseng. Ginseng is effective in relieving hot flashes and mental distress seen during menopause.

  • Protects heart health: Tea made with ginseng protects the body against free radicals. Free radicals are a contributor to many ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. In this regard, consuming ginseng regularly minimizes these risks.

  • Benefits for cancer: As a result of the patients followed by the experts for 5 years, it was observed that ginseng was protected from stomach, liver, ovary, lung and pancreatic cancer. While consuming ginseng, which in itself is not effective, you should also pay attention to your diet.

  • Reduced blood pressure: In this situation, where experts clash, some experts suggest that blood pressure rises, while others lower it. For this reason, if you have high blood pressure, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consuming ginseng.

  • It strengthens the mind: Ginseng provides vitality to the person and increases concentration. Supporting the development of brain functions increases ginseng efficiency by enhancing memory.

  • Increases fertility: As a result of research, ginseng increases male sperm quality and makes it increase fertility. There is no accurate information on whether or not it increases sexual power.

  • Reduces physical fatigue: Athletes are said to use ginseng to prevent physical fatigue. If you constantly feel tired and weak, you can feel more energetic and active by consuming ginseng foods.

How can you use Ginseng?

Ginseng root is often used in dried form. It can also be used by adding and mixing in different types of beverages. In addition, herbal teas can be made with ginseng roots. Ginseng tea is one of the widely consumed herbal varieties in China. On the other hand, ginseng is added to hair tonic and cosmetic products and is also used in this sector. Ginseng powder is also known as a frequently consumed form and is made by drying dried ginseng in powder.

Where is Ginseng Found?

Ginseng is found in regions such as Korea, North America, Bhutan, Eastern Siberia and the Northern Hemisphere of East Asia. The southernmost ginseng known to exist was found in Vietnam and is called “Panax vietnamensis”.

Other benefits of Ginseng

  • You can use ginseng, which is a problem solver for stomach problems, as a softer and stimulant.

  • If you have problems with the digestive system, you can consume ginseng tea.

  • You can use ginseng roots for stress, fatigue and various traumas.

  • You can consume it to minimize labor pains and regulate menstruation.

  • It regulates the immune system.

  • Regular consumption minimizes the risk of cancer.

  • Provides comfortable working of breathing

  • Ginseng, which strengthens the whole body and increases body resistance, has a reputation for anti-aging.

  • It regulates blood sugar and cholesterol.

  • It keeps the heart running smoothly and strengthens the memory.

What are the harms of Ginseng?

Ginseng is a product that has side effects as well as benefits. If consumed excessively;

  • It can cause edema in the body.

  • It can cause heart palpitations as a result of excessive consumption.

  • It causes irregularities in digestion.

  • It causes a decrease in concentration.

  • It causes stomach problems like abdominal pain and vomiting.

  • Irritability and anger are observed.

  • Ginseng is not recommended for breast patients and people with breast cancer.

  • Redness and rash appear on the skin.

  • If you are taking a regular medication, do not consume ginseng without consulting your doctor.

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