Saturday , September 24 2022

Turkoglu News – Murder 's social media' s picture shone.


Ömer KOÇ / TÜRKOĞLU (Kahramanmaraş), (DHA) – KAHRAMANMARAŞ has found a young female body in the forest area of ​​Türkoğlu. Police embarked on an unrecognized body in their trousers and belonged to Fatma Nur Karaoğlan (18). (17)
Yesterday afternoon, an unrecognized female body in the forest channel of Turkoglu village was found by people nearby. In the test, the police informed the case that the body belonged to a young woman and died of a hard object. The police have formed a special team to decide who is in the unidentified body. The criminal team linked to the murder office Amirligi investigated the missing applications and social media accounts of the missing people. On October 8th the team decided that Fatma Nur Karaoğlan, her hometown in Türkoğlu village, wore pants-like pants on October 8th. His family was diagnosed with cargoogran (cargooglan), which was discovered after the body was revealed.
The special team gave a young girl's last interview and testimony of their friends to find the killer of Kara O'Gran. O.A., a high school student cross-examined because of conflicting statements she gave to safety. He confessed his guilt. O.A. In the statement, he met a young girl from time to time and met him a month ago in the woods next to the promenade.
O.A. He was arrested.


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