Monday , August 8 2022

Trabzonspor Critical Conference – Trabzon News


Trabzonspor is ready to make a radical decision at a meeting tomorrow at the meeting after defeating the league's Evkur New Malatyaspor for 12 weeks with a 5-0 defeat to the cause of another defeat. .

Sports Toto Super League Four consecutive streaks and a final defeat against Evkur New Malatyaspor 5-0 defeated Trabzonspor after the failure of Unal Karaman footballer Burak Yilmaz and Onur Recep Kıvrak. Burak Yilmaz 's unscheduled move, Onur Recep Kıvrak' s outcome, came out of the team and withdrew from management after the defeat of Unal Karaman Evkur New Malatyaspor.

Meeting YARINKI Meet the meeting.

Bordeaux Blue executives did not make a decision today after determining that they might take some sanctions on the outcome of a board meeting failure. "A lot of things have been written, but the board is not a decision right now," he said in an interview with Demirören News Agency about Trabzonspor spokesman Zeyyat Kafkas.

KAFKAS: "SCENE SKOR is not normal, why do we make it real?"

The Caucasus, Ebkur defeated the new Malatiaspor 5-0 and said, "Trabzonspor is not worth it. It's not a normal situation, and Trabzonspor has been struggling with other teams to see why we are doing what they need to do. The Trabzon Force score is of course natural, so I will make a decision before there is a reason. "

Trabzonspor Executive Director Ömer Sağıroğlu said that resigning coach of Jehovah Karaman has come up on the agenda in some way.

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