Thursday , January 20 2022

Tough words! If you have Tutor in & # 39; Terim & # 39; s place … & # 39;


Evaluating Beinn SPORTS News, Mehmet Demirkol assessed Galatasaray's handicap excess and compared this period to Tudor. "If Tudor were at the top of the team in normal circumstances, what remained would be left and the remnant would remain"

Demirkol's statement is as follows.

"Fatih Terim may have to use Eren Derdiyok, he has too many obstacles, it's really hard in Galatasaray, can he play with a player who does not care for himself? There is a mistake in the middle, of course, Konyaspor Aykut Kocaman, Fenerbahce was a period of Pereira and was constantly in disorder. Let's say hello to the more tolerant engineers.

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