Wednesday , July 28 2021

They lose their life after removing the drawing of their baby

According to information received by the village of Zobran Kader Yücel (37), on April 8, he received complaints of abusive, abusive and resentful Karabük Training and Research Hospital. The patient was resolved after the treatment.


Fate continues to complain, two days later, re-hospitalized by preventing the text from entering the 7-month-old baby, saying the disease is being caused by the intensive care device.

Fire, sent to the Ankara Hospital Laboratory CCHF test result positively, despite the intervention could not be saved. Frames & # 39; s "Hamza" baby was also named for Dışkapı in Beyazıt Training and Research Hospital with CCHF's trust.


The funeral of Baba Kader was buried in Karabuch Neighborhood Cemetery after prayer in the Horasanlı mosque.

Provincial health director Ahmet Sarı, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, said Yücel Kader & # 39; a dedicated to the hospital's grief complaint.

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