Thursday , January 20 2022

The question is, who wants to be a more sophisticated archaeologist


Murat Yildirim's request for a TV show "Who Will Be a Millionaire" is known by archaeologists. After this question, the Association of Archeologists made a ruling.

A request has begun in #e real millionaire event begins. Who wants to be a millionaire What is one of the methods that archaeologists use to find if it is a fossil or a common stone? The question was asked. Three of the 4 options made a scandal. The "Lick", "Dog smelly", and "Urination on the Right" were archeologists and the ATV statement was published.

The Association of Archaeologists responded to the question: Kim We earn ATV that is a million years, and those who have no scientific value 30,000 TL and that & # 39; t have this question prevent the archeological discipline and ATV. Unfortunately, we still do not understand the archeology and archeology with a media. The right answer to the problem was known as 'lick'.

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