Tuesday , June 6 2023

The mathematics question marking Millionaire!


Who wants to be a millionaire 'The price of a chocolate and a chewing gum is 11 pounds is the price of chocolate chewing gum is 10 lira more expensive on the market is chewing the price?' What was the correct answer to the question?

ATV screens Murat Yildirim's offer to be a Millionaire in the new section published on Monday, November 12, interesting mathematical questions attracted attention. 'The price of a chocolate and a chewing gum is 11 liras on the market, if the chocolate gum is 10 liras more expensive, what is the price of chewing gum?' the contestant confused the head of Mrs. Munireir. The contestant who has to answer the question within a certain period of time chose B chest which wrote 1 pound. However, the correct answer was '50 kuruş' and the young contestant was knocked out of the mathematics question. Murat Yildirim, 'If you had 1 lira, 11 pounds more and 12 pounds would be' he said.

Who is the Millionaire This question in the social media has become one of the most talked about. Some of the social media users claimed that the correct answer was 1 pound, while others explained how the 50 kurus result was output.

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