Saturday , June 3 2023

Tayfun Bayindir: Lucescu's comfort is scared of me.


Milliyet Sports Manager Tayfun Bayindir CNN Turk's "Sunday Evening Football" program was an important statement. Tayfun Bayındır, national football team evaluation, "Lucescu & # 39; da comfort me me." Used.

Tayfun Bayındır's remarks are as follows.

"Soccer is a result game, waiting for the results of our national team, what are the results? You are defeated here, it's an interesting situation, there are differences between games and performances in mountains and mountains. "

"Lucescu's comfort scares me"

Lucescu's comfort is terrifying, belonging, very clear h This is one of the starting points for Turkish teachers in the national team. It is the defeat of the Turkish national team, it is his first national team, it hurts, the players are hurt, and the life of the audience is like hurting our souls. Hiddink is the same as another foreign coach, other than coach Rusekeku. However, the important points are as follows. There will be a lot of pressure when there are no results. "

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