Saturday , June 3 2023

Sedat Payas talked about difficulties.


Sedat Payas, & # 39; 2. She talked about the difficulties she experienced in live broadcasting on Page.

"SIMIT SANDVİÇ SALE I worked in coffee"

The following are comments from Sedat Payas.

"I participated in many projects and came out in the series." I was able to choose a player. We agreed on three episodes. I played close to 30 episodes. I have not fallen into a mysterious world and have been idle for one season since the series ended. For example, I went to a bakery to sell a sandwich, then went to a bakery at 5 am and started buying cheese early in the morning. "

We have transformed into a luxury hotel "

"I thought I would continue this way until the project came in. I opened the bench again on a free day, God put it in everyone's mind. I made a new job for 300 TL. For four days I was waiting for work. "

"I'm a producer: I'm here"

"Inside, I went very well with the main actors of the series, everyone says," Sevko down, Shevko up. "I will proceed with this project, everything is okay, I do not have any problems with us. I am calling all producers, I am here.

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