Friday , January 27 2023

Running Up for MS Patients


Retro (reverse) Vodafone 40 Istanbul marathon participated in the world's first, run point 2008, run the first station runner in Turkey Retrospective Championships, Turkey recognized as MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Omar Lion, to attract social and business life to improve The 10-kilometer course reversed and became the first course.

The theme was organized with support from the MS Association "MS Platform", a member of Roche Turkey Leadership, Turkey, Black Sea, Izmir and ADA who were also involved in the "Running Healthy Istanbul for Tomorrow" sponsored by the Istanbul Marathon at the 40th Istanbul Marathon.

"Microsoft is not what you think, go to the leader in Microsoft, go to your life!" The platform that started the new movement with the message was with the Aslan in the marathon.

Running a marathon to draw attention to Microsoft, Aslan successfully completed a 10-kilometer race at the Altunizade branch at Eminönü branch.

Aslan, a former marathon correspondent, said in a statement that 15 years of sports are messing with marathon MS platform members and MS patients today.

Emphasizing that Turkey wants the recognition of MS Lion when placed in contrast to the known early diagnosis of these patients to continue to express normal life, he said:

"My goal in the competition is to run 10km without accident and to be healthy and amazing, the greatest goal being to regain and practice awareness of MS patients. I'll try to finish it. "

"We want to inform the community here"

Turkey, a neurologist and specialist in cigarette handling Melih he is chairman of the MS Association of MS Patients and he therefore participates in the association.

Tütüncü says that MS is a disease caused by the immune system's disruption and is more common among women aged 20 to 40.

Platform Tütüncü mentioned the goal of joining the marathon as:

"We want to increase awareness of the community and to consult neurologists early on when complaints begin because we are more likely to start treatment and control patients sooner if we get sick.

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