Monday , June 21 2021

Prevent winter sickness with mesir paste!

The history of Ottoman history was made 479 years ago by a blend of 41 spices made by the master of the Sultan Suleyman. The majestic Sultan Aysa Hafsa Sultan cure helps prevent winter sickness. As the air becomes cold, respiratory and respiratory illnesses such as influenza and flu have increased and the consumption of mesil paste, which is considered good for the citizens, has increased.

Ufuk Tanık, President of the Tourism Promotion and Promotion Association of Manisa, said: "We have been working intensively, we are getting demand for mesir products." Mesil is an energy source. "In winter, a cold, flu and cold are considered healing diseases of healing," he said.

"As an association, we produce about 120,000 tons of mesh pools annually"

Describing production as a tradition rather than using much technology, Tanık continued his speech as follows. As an association, we produce about 120,000 tons of mesyl paste per year. Consumption in summer is about 30% lower than in winter. Since September, when we enter winter, consumption is increasing. Every year we hold this tonnage. she

A very important festival in terms of important promotions "

Witness said that preparations for the 479th Mesir Macunu festival will begin next week, as Pastor Pasting expressed belief from the past. Witness said, yap this year we will have a festival full of people. March There is local election. On March 21, there will be a mixed group event. When the April election is over, the headdress ends. A very important festival in terms of publicity. It has an economic dimension. Manisa the merchant takes its share. When you bring in a lot of people from abroad, you contribute to the promotion of Manisa, he said.

Approved as a source of healing in 2016

In 2016, Manisa Celal Bayar University (MCBU) prepared a blend of 41 flavors in a lab environment related to the content of mesir paste, scientifically acknowledging that paste is the source of healing. It has been reported to be beneficial in the treatment of diseases such as rheumatism, inflammation, appetite, milk fortification and urinary tract.

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