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President of Turkey Gastroenterology Association Dr. Serhat Bor:



President of Turkey Gastroenterology Association Dr. Serhat Bor Endoscopy in Turkey, hereinafter referred to as training program for Haak's specialists, "This is my message is very clear. Each companion that has good folding rules can do endoscopy
The 35th National Gastroentological Congress organized by the Turkish Gastroenterology Association (TGD) was held in a hotel in Belek, the tourist region of Antalya.
At & # 39; the press conference, the # 39 in # 39; Congress was held, President of the Turkish Gastroenterology Association stated that endoscopic problems continue. Dr. Serhat Bor, noted that many expert endoscopi get my education in Turkey. Borrow said that 5,000 surprises are used to get the certificate, which can not reach 900 people. We want everyone to endoscopically fit the rules of good training. It does in other branches, but the rules of medicine come into force. We also gave a training program to the Ministry of Health. This message is clear. Each companion that has good folding rules can do endoscopy

As our SGK request is clear "
In connection with rebuilding Prof. Dr. Dr. Serhat Bor, a person who taught the wrong development in the pre-existing times, said he. Drugs and diarrhea of ​​many drugs do not know and that is known. Bor said
When they go to the doctor, go with a list of drugs that they use. A group is swollen. We want them to drink regular water. Normal water is enough for us to drink. After breakfast take a glass of water for 10 minutes. Constipation drug failed to even part of Turkey. They were paid. Our request for SGK is clear. Constipation medication must be compensated. Patients with positive abortion are referred to colonoscopy. Some of them have cancer, but most of them have polyps. We get them. But SSI practices pay for the reception of a polyp in colonoscopy, not the others. This is one of the problems that many gastroenterologists experience with SSI. This should be corrected with professional organizations

"Stomach Intestinal Disease often"
What's the prevalence of malignant disease in? the community in Turkey? How can the projects become productive? Let the topic of & # 39; the Turkish Gastroenterology Society and the University of Mersin, Faculty of Gastroenterology Professor. Dr. Orhan Sezgin, gastrointestinal disease in the community is common, but there is no scientific data, he said.

75 percent of women
Sezgin told them that they had organized a project in two districts in Nevsehir between the years 2017-2018 as a social responsibility project. This concludes precisely our two weeks of Turkey and has been elected to the ideal population distribution center with a migration rate of 5 percent. Total of 3 thousand 69 volunteers from both weeks were investigated and abdominal ultrasound was performed. We can offer scientifically that there is a gastrointestinal illness in one third of 36%. And it is very interesting that 75 percent of women's findings are. Ladies are overwhelming often
Another findings of the study, he stated that merely weight and capacity, indicated Sezgini, 35 percent of # a local population that participated in studying is overweight, 45 percent of # e obese.
Leakage, such as 60 percent of the population of # 39; The lever of the lug, indicates that Sezgin, the lug from the & nbsp; The size of the handle is stiff.
7 percent of local population of gallbladder stones that have been identified are attention. Dr. Orhan Sezgin, the results of evaluation of a serious gastrointestinal illness, he said.

"We think of raising the number"
Professor Dr. Serhat Bor expresses his thoughts about the subject as:
Var This study has a field. If we add them, it will be 36 percent to 45 percent. We expect high heights to be high. A rate of 36 percent. We try to look for these patients as 903 people. Biz

"Activities fit with sukses başarılı
102 verbally, 305 declarations of 'conference' served in & # 39; the 35th UGH Congressman. Dr. Birol Özer, hekim We organize a conference with 748 doctors. Our goals are full and the activities are successful. Provides how we will succeed in scholarly activities that make us the most call for congress organizing. But it was successful

First stage treatment of colon cancer is possible
He stated that colon cancer is a disadvantageous trend. There are a few achievements. With the developments in technology, the diagnostic rates have increased. Unfortunately, the death of people diagnosed with colon cancer before the age of 50 is very much. Colon Cancer is one of the prohibitive cancer. It is possible to get it off when they are caught in the & # 39; s first stage. The Ministry of Social Affairs launched an earlier recognition program. Testing can be done in care center. Are we successful in this recognition program? Pardon me. Our successes are 40 percent and 60 percent. And 70% of patients with colon cancer have complaints. He is.

"Hepatitis C, we will finish it"
He was a member of the board of # Turkey Gastroenterology Association and a lecturer in the Department of Gastroenterology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kırıkkale. Dr. Dilek Oguz, made the necessary information. Oguz, bitir Hepatitis C, we will end. Hepatitis B information has been updated. Hepatitis B encountering such things 35 percent of all then we get the carriage 5 percent in Turkey. Good topics continue. We have used drugs for many years to prevent prevention. K How can we choose these drugs? K has been discussed. Gallbladder disease became known stones, streets and tumors. Tumors of biliary tract are deadly crystals such as pancakes and are very poorly diagnosed. What can this do? We are interested in them. Bunlar

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