Thursday , August 11 2022

Pete 42 is on air. Pit details of the last episode (TV view)!


In the 41st section of the pit; Idris, the son of his son Selim Koçovalı, confessed to how Meliha & # 39; ya loved it, lost his fate, and how the world's most beautiful weakness came publicly to speak. At the end of the pit; After a very limited time, finding a reliable chemist for the manufacture of drugs, raw materials has found a new element to perform the activity. However, in order to prevent Koçovalians from preparing the raw materials internally and to prevent delivery, Karakuz chemists were called to the box to break the structure of the raw materials. At this point, Koçoys will reach their ambitions. Muhsin, on the other hand, continues to move in the neighborhood to pay the price of the neighbors and Emmi and Selim, to provide a way to get rid of the excellent power and disgrace of Idris' dan To take the plague, Muhsin and his men drew beating on the square. However, Akşın, Saadet ablasının lived in a statement that his baby's life was alive, but after leaving Vartolu, pursuing Saadet's pursuit led to a shadow due to Mahsun's goal. After reaching the raw material of the Karakus pilgrimage, they are going to post as soon as they put it on the 42nd section of the trailer they placed in the mixture placed in Çukur. Here's a sure way to go about his own known way to go along the way, according to the orders he received from Ceto Celasun Cumali & n; nin cooperated with him as a stage to prepare and prepare for a direct blow to the scene of the Cukur 42 episode.

ÇUKUR 42. Berg Frankmani Publishing?

Çukur 42. Show TV screen quality and powerful project episode trailer has been announced.

ÇUKUR 42. When Bowl is published?

Gökhan Horzum "Sinan Ozturk, the author of this scenario, sees the audience sitting in a stunning scene. On November 11th, 20:00, the highest audience rating of 42 episodes will be broadcast on the Show TV screen.


What is the last part of the pit?

At the end of the pit; With the help of Aliço & nbsp; Ersoy & nbsp;, we narrow the gap between Yamaç and Vartolu Vyla and make a new plan against Karakuzulara. The question Selim has wondered for years will lead Idris to the past. In the confrontation between father and son, Idris will confess Meliah. It is anticipated that the two will face each other. Celasun, Ayşe and Karaca, everywhere looking for Akşın; The problem in the corner is to squeeze Celasun. Sena will talk about Karaca's help and the situation with Akşin. Cumali again heard Yamaç 'ın Celasun & nun and found that he would find himself in the game and would influence the struggle between Koçovalılar and Karakuzular.

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