Monday , August 15 2022

On Trabzon Jordan, Onur Kıvrak and Burak Yılmaz were indefinitely retired!


Trabzonspor club spokesmen Zeyyat Kafkas, Onur Recep Kıvrak and Burak Yilmaz announced the suspension of the squad's indefinite departure.

The Caucasus, a special board held in the evening, unanimously decided to leave indefinitely at the squad of the Hall of Fame, Kıvrak and Yilmaz.

"Onur Recep Kivrak and Burak Yilmaz will leave the bearer for an indefinite number of days," said the Caucasus club's Web site. expression.

Trabzonspor, Sports Toto Super League 13 weeks Fenerbahçe will be a guest.

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