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number new blm trailer watch – omrop 61. New blm fragmannda wa & # 39; t hit? – Breaking News

New blm trailer has been found under the titles. Yama and Selim, who came in the week, showed a monkey to find Senay. The plan changes the tm balance. While the Great Covals were in a hurry, three and Meliha came on one basis. In the & # 39; second tent of & # 39; I saw my graves. Abi got up and went, understands the funeral. Selim, the arrow over Baykal makes a win. The new series has a crocodile character. Uluun, the Crocodile listens to what you listen to me! Crocodile, Cumaliyle snow comes to the snow. Fragman, you will patch! You will not be able to protect your brothers! finish with cmleler.


The second block is the second tent. Uluun, the Crocodile listens to what you listen to me! Timsahn came to the Ukura, and from the first minute the danger of being the first rough.

Crocodile, sweet, Yama, I'm looking for you. Shave me when you get my message! A new frtn is the messenger of "szler," while Yaman is being retrieved. You will not be able to protect your brothers! Yaman from & # 39; the flames of & # 39; a yanklander tantmda yaman, Yzklnn to find the tracks from & # 39; the lower moments of & # 39; e exciting.

Where would the UKURD END BLMDE? 60. BLM SET

Yama and Selim, to find Senay in no time. Yeah, Seneye snow after the snow and unexpected plan application, wins for eternal changes. After the Koovallarn, Uluov the Koovalen were in a difficult position. check out a ship from Melihann's call from & # 39; e khary karyor. The patch falls off the rail of the vineyard, while the action-blocking gap between the pair plugs into & # 39; e action. Hibir and Senay are waiting for a surprise.


Hours, dn akam new blmyle 8,98 watched ratio (rating) in ABC1 20 +, 19.44 watched share (share), 7.32 watch ratio in the EU, 17.73 watched share (share), 8.81 rating total, 19.49 views (share) received.


Hour, dn akam new blmyle 8.98 rated (reviews) in ABC1 20 +, 19.44 rated shared (shared), 7.32 watch ratio in EU, 17.73 watched share (share), 8.81 total total viewed, 19.49 times share received. #gamzendekiukur tag Twitter 14 hours 40 minutes in Turkey and 6 hours and 10 minutes TT list in & # 39; world. In addition to the BLM tag, the label is also included in any social media. #blue label 7 hours 5 minutes in Turkey, 1 hour 45 minutes in & # 39; world; #yama tag is 4 hours 55 minutes in Turkey and #sena tag is 4 hours and 15 minutes in Turkey.


Senay, Mahsun water aquarium for the patch, don't leave patches. The patch is on the tip of a building, and between the key and socket, and the pair by dello tonight. As a result of a game, Yama jumped at him. While the athletes were in & quot; screenband & quot ;, what it took was & & 39; a first dance was Mahsun and lost his life. While the patch leaves the Uruur with the influence of & # 39; trauma, a photo frame of & # 39; The three and Melihann ships have made a big question mark in the mind. The screen bands will with this picture are Yzkl wa and Yama stays in a hole? will wait for the answer to a question.


Uvjeti korištenja 8,76 visto naši ABC1 20 +, 18,07 kazimu (čeština), 8,10 kezmeri na EU, 18,30 (share), total 9,07 views, rating, 19.11 avg (share) received.

Leave TV on the screen of month Month signed signing planner acam you in & # 39; in & # 39; An audience was asked for a surprise. In the series of arpma, Onur Saylak lived on Veli Cevher. In the same series, Cansz canlandran was the guest of Ali Srmeli de ukura. Vartolu and Medet, this week arpmann new unit Canszla gather together; Everyone will save time with Senay to save.

In the case of & # 39; a dive screens of & # 39; e Ukurun BLK were sent Senun Karmas on balance. Yama Yama, who's losing their color, lost the sense that it wasn't a snap. Kooval Kardeler and Damlann mobilized Senay to find a host, called an overwhelming guest. Veli Cevdet is the phenomenon character that Onur Saylak delivered in a signature of Ay Yapm. Kooval came with the brothers Veli, Senann to find the master player Ali Srmelinin. Canlandrd Cansz calls for his support.

In & # 39; a series of foreign sections, the transition to & # 39; a Trk series of crosses with this crossover (apraz gei) everywhere.

Every week on & # 39; s TV show, the arpman will & # 39; Watch a TV and this week Vartolu will return to Veli Cevir. Veli, Vartolu and Medeti Cansz (Ali Srmeli) bring the snow. Vartolu and Medet will call Canszda to answer the question where Mahsun is. Arpmann will be the second guest of this week in the second place of Vartolu and Medetin.


Uvjeti korištenja 8,76 visto naši ABC1 20 +, 18,07 kazimu (čeština), 8,10 kezmeri na EU, 18,30 (share), total 9,07 views, rating, 19.11 avg (share) received. #velicevher tag Twitter 4 hours and 50 minutes in Turkey.

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