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November 24, Analyzing Digital Lotto Results … These are the numbers that win this week in Numerical Lotto

National Lottery Administration in Ankara with lottery in Lottery were announced this year's winning numbers. Numerous million dollar is counting each week by earning bonuses Lotto Lotto # 39 since this week will win the big jackpot of the miracle. Here, Nov. 24, Digital Lottery reaches National Lottery Research.

Numbered lotto game in 169th week drawing 6 people 6, 1 million 746 thousand 921 pounds know 40 sintjes the owner of & # 39; a jackpot.

According to the statement of the General Directorate of the National Lottery Administration, 126 people in this lottery earn 5,000 thousand 840 pounds 5 pennies, 4 white 7,000 552 people 73 pounds 60 currus 3 white 139 thousand 781 people 11 Pound 15 you get penny bonus.

6 knows that the winner of # coupon in & # 39; the city Adana Çukurova district.

1, 11, 14, 20, 30, 44

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November 24 Digital Lotto a poll ... Here are the numbers to win this week in Numerical Lotto


Number 11 Lottery numbered 6 people drawn 6, 10 million 436 thousand 198 pounds known 25 penny was the owner of a jackpot.

According to the statement made by the National Lottery Administration, 122 people are 5 5 thousand 375 pounds 50 kuruş, 4 white 6 thousand 702 people 73 pounds 55 penny and 3 people 126 thousand 1 Person 11 pound won 5 penny jackpot.

In total, 12 million 977 thousand 252 pounds in 40 g of a sweep has been awarded a 40-cent bonus.

1 million 629 thousand 309 pounds of PVV in & # 39; The revenue or 51 cents, such as the game of chance 910 thousand 773 pounds of 25 centimes will be transferred to the public.

6 successive coupon, Çerkezköy district of Tekirdag, the coupon was determined.



It is a casino that is organized by the Covenant, based on the good rating of the numbers 6, 5, 4 and 3, which is determined by the participants in the 1-49 number.

The merchandise is to determine the numbers that will be won by the bonuses according to the game will be divided by the use of private lottery. Sweep checks are held on the day and hours to be determined by the administration.

Actions and departments indicated by the administration are required to pay the bonuses if they are within their competences.

Bonuses of bonuses, traders and branches are determined by the administration. Bonuses lose after 1 year from the date of drawing.

No power, falsified, thrown, annoying, annulling cards that are not accepted by the system are not paid bonuses. To buy a card after a card, the minimum number of points, barcode, card number and card number serial number should be read at the reader.

Numerous lottery game for a few weeks in sequence on the sixth consecutive correction of the exact number of revolutions over the coming weeks, the rise is too high on the numeric game plan made with the change: "In the game of a week know that the bonus, the number will be transferred to the good prestigious.

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The bonuses of the winner of lottery play,

(3) and (4) to those who know the lottery bonuses,
(5) know that they know their bonuses from LOT traders or MPI departments,
(6) For those who know, their bonuses will be paid by the General Directional and Branch Office (branch directors up to 500,000 TL).

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