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New skill of Vitamin D | Health News

Until recently, Vitamin D has the only hormone that controls the two basic ingredients, calcium and phosphorus, which will play a role in the body's transformation. In the study of vitamin D in the heart, digestive system, kidney, respiratory tract, hormone systems, the presence of reptors, this vitamin in the body outside the soil has much more jobs.

Today there is an unnecessary use of vitamin D in our country. This is true, but research on the new skills in the human body of Vitamin D is very interesting.

The story of VITAMIN D

For the first time in 1929, Hess and Unger discovered that sunlight, short stature, inside of legs, the inside of the judgment, the problem in & quot; trekking, and healing royals with progressive nerves. One year later, when the ultraviolet reagents were given to grasshoppers, it was found that a substance that had been prevented from removing. This is referenced Vit Vitamin D 2 Buna.
It was found that vitamins D3 in 1937 in ultraviolet reagents in skin could be synthesized and Vitamin D was received from the so-called nanoline ole substance.

After the 1950s, the importance of Vitamin D was understood. In America and North-European countries, bread, milk, some types were added, and rickets are not a public health problem.

There are two important forms of vitamin D. Vitamin D 3, called 7-dehydrocholesterol-imi in skin, is formed by the ultraviolet reagents of & # 39; The sun, even when the body is set up to supernatural sun, changes the vitamin in inhibits and the accumulation in the body is prevented.

Vitamin D 2 is found in milk, eggs, birdfish and some plants. Foods eat from the food they can change on Vitamin D2 milk. As a cow or sheep milk to ultraviolet reagents, this vitamin is vitamin D3 and is active. Vitamin D is a fat-free vitamins group. A vitamin that has an important role to play in good production and many metabolic events.

Is the relationship between fetamine and insulin control?

An interesting research by Vitamin D was presented at the 55th European Diabetes Congress held this year in Berlin. In this study, the effects of insulin resistance are first described and the mechanisms that lead to libbebibrosis are described.

Insulin resistance or prediagnosis before the fatty cells are leaked to the emergence of & quot; fetal cells and macrophage infiltration begins, pro-fibrous batches occur, degenerate fibrosis and occur in a lever to a series of events that go to syrhosis.

In this study, the effect of Vitamin D was diagnosed with prevention of living libraries.

Vitamin D is increased to 30 ng / ml by treating Vitamin D. The other group is given an inactive boating drug.

As a result, in # group the vitamin D insole sensitivity in & # 39; the liver, tissue inflammation and sterile fibrosis in contrast to the group with low vitamin D no change was assessed.


In this study there is a very important topic that researchers do not say, but what my attention attracts.

We know that in recent years, the most common health problems in plaza / shopping center staff, in other words, are white shorthand.

The most important part of it works long longer than the day without hanging.

As it is known, Vitamin D is synthesized in the day. Eighth, ultra-violet reactions do not pass through glass, new generations of modern buildings are surrounded by dark glazed glass. The employees are usually delayed by the day.

As a result of them, workers' workplace employee of vigorous vitamin D deficiency, and still life, fast-food-style nourishment with the majority of young ordinary weight, the speed of rapidly increasing liver in these people is increasingly larger.

These two factors together, the liverol, inflammation and increasingly increasing fibrosis.

As a result, wildlife workers have much importance on daily and adequate Vitamin D.

For this reason, plaza / AVM architects should organize this task, provide their staff for more daylight, they need to be more comfortable and they have to move more.


* Research shows that vitamin D changes the risk of heart disease. In one study, it was found that the risk of heart disease with 62% in people with low vitamin D level was increased in comparison with the normal.

* Vitamin D has a protective effect on cancer. When vitamins D levels increase by 20 ng / ml, the risk of colon cancer is reduced by 40%. People with normal vitamin D are less likely multiple sclerosis. Chronic muscle and skeletal pain is improved as vitamin D levels are normal.

* There is a direct relationship between depression and vitamins D. Patients with normal vitamin D have less depression.

* In children, Vitamin D supplements the body's definition system and raises the immunity for infections. Children who normally have vitamin D have less ill.

* In people over 65 years with vitamin D above 40 ng / ml, the risk of all the dead is 45% lower or lower than 10 ng / ml.

A very important point in these findings is to find that vitamin D deficiency is not set or Vitamin D is the only cause of this disease is not just the preparation of the soil.

* Vitamin D-defect is very common in our country. One study reports that the half-weak women in our country have a low vitamin D in two thirds of their child's work and 80% of women.

* In sunny countries it is very important to have low levels of vitamin D and it is possible to maintain vitamin D at normal levels with small measures.


– get all 6 months a vitamin D testamine. Note that it is above 30 ng / ml.

– Sunbath. 90% of # themes of & # 39; s; Vitamin D is synthesized in skin by sun ultraviolet disorders. Studies have indicated that sunbathing is sufficient for Vitamin D synthesis for only 15 minutes a day. It is important that families and children each day spend 15-30 minutes of sunshine.

– As with window glass, places, the films appear on window windows the synthesis of Vitamin D in & nbsp; the skin.

– Always try to eat the rice in Vitamin D every day. Eating milk and milk contain vitamin D, especially soda. When taking milk, prevent the ultraviolet and vitamin D-exfoliate milk.

– Fish are mainly rich in vitamin D in salmon and mackerel. Note that an egg can count up to 4% of the daily need and 13% of 1 cup milk.

– When vitamin D is gone, it can be supplemented with medication. Do not forget that Vitamin D has a cumulative effect on the body, and a toxic effect as high doses are taken. Note that there is a high dosage (300 thousand units) in vitamin D ampoules. Do not use vitamin D bulb in treatment.


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