Thursday , March 30 2023

New formula against cancer Doctors who combined the two drugs during the experiment were surprised by the result


The scientific world continues to work with all its might to find a solution against cancer, which is seen as the plague of the time. In addition to existing scientific methods, newly developed medicines and methods also give hope to mankind. The results of an experiment conducted by doctors from the Cancer Research Institute (ICR) and Royal Marsden in London caused great happiness among doctors.


According to the experiment conducted by the researchers, a mixture of immunotherapy drugs provided a positive trend in the survival of patients by using their immune system to kill cancer cells.

He said the tumor was lost

A patient who got cancer four years ago and was expected to die, told the Guardian weeks after participating in the study that nurses called him and told him that his tumor had completely disappeared. The 77-year-old man is now cancer-free and spent the past week on a cruise with his wife.


According to the news in Sputnik Turkey; Scientists discovered that the combination of the drugs nivolumab and ipilimumab led to a reduction in the tumor size of cancer patients. According to the report, cancer cells disappeared completely in some patients. In the face of this situation, it was explained that the doctors were stunned when they could not find any signs of the disease.

IT could be a new weapon

Experts believe that combining two immunotherapy drugs could prove to be an effective new weapon against several advanced types of cancer. Results from other trials of the drug combination had previously suggested similar benefits for patients with kidney, skin and colon cancer.

New formula against cancer!  Doctors who combined the two drugs during the experiment were surprised by the result.

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