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Minister Pakdemirli gave the good news to the farmer! Payment was started

Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forest, shared with the Aegean Economic Forum 2018 & # 39; in Izmir.

"Every 3 kg of food is 1 kilogram"

Talk about the world of 2050 Pakdemirli, "Germany in the world, the first in & # 39; the world, white species. China can produce almost everything. The United States still plays a leading path in the world. What kind of world do we live in? We live in a world where changes in global balance, smart phones, artificial intelligence, spraats are spoken. Leave a trip after 2050. Urbanism will be more than 70 percent. More than 50 percent of food will be needed. While camping villages to the city, the rainwater and production decreased. In the product that is produced in the world, 1 kilogram of every 3 kilogram of food is produced. Half a weight can be eaten. On the other hand, eating in 30 countries seeks water clutter in 80 countries. It should be established that global warming results will result in a derivative of productivity between 20 and 40 percent. If we do not do something new, we need to boost irrigated water. We have to increase agricultural areas by 67 percent. Agricultural lands have disappeared over the world, and waterlogged worldwide"he said.

"We can not have any airplanes, skates, pans or food hunger."

Minister Pakdemirli declares that there will be 100 million population in 2050, and strengthening cities after 86%.Turkey expects the hardy house. Good news. We are the world leader in erosion. 80 percent of our farmers know the nature of the country. More important than agricultural defense industry. If you have the future in the future, we can not afford any airplanes, tires or tanks. First of all, keep the citizen. The most basic need, you will fill your stomach completely. If the volunteers of citizens are empty, you can not protect the country strategically. The head of everything is food and agriculture. Turkey ranked first in Europe in revenue in agriculture. Seven in the world and 17th in total soil. If we see limited resources, we use our country efficiently. Of course it may be better. We are the boss in grapes. Hazelnuts, apricot sa. Think of a future, think strategically and walk"

"We need national unity in agriculture"

Minister Pakdemirli, the judge argues that the country that the world has in future will be the leader of # the world must say that agriculture must be separated from politics. Pakdemirli, the National Unity in Agriculture & # 39;Agriculture is open to politics, open to daily politics. We must distinguish the agriculture from politics. We really have a whole homework. We have national unity in agriculture. We all have to go side by side. We have to make cotton and sell t-shirts. Agricultural products should be sold as food. We need to sell nuts as food. I have a dream of a global brand. Turkey's global markets have 3 – 5. If we add a global 4th market, we can get the revenue of agricultural products three times. In olive oil is Izmir still one of the largest exporters, but at least 80 percent of these are still exported. We need to install a value added export from Turkey"he said.

"We will completely eliminate the imposition of meat imports in 2021"

last year, or 15 studies related to agriculture Pakdemirli in Turkey, said:

"What is the overall economic situation in the last 15 years? Agricultural support has increased from 1.9 billion liras to 15 billion pounds, the number of cattle reached 9 million to 9.9 million. 2017, this figure is to drop 5.5 pounds We have to raise fish in 2002, 10 pounds that we have ate in 2017. We have 26 pounds in the kitchen, the fish we have to eat Butchery beef will not be our import, so be consumed by consumers in our sack addiction will be a three-year program, 2021 in Turkey will no longer be dependent on imports, and will continue our inexpensive meat sales. "

"The industrialist is as guilty as the farmer"

With the taxation of the requirement for settlement in & # 39; Farming contract, said Pakdemirli, "We always stay the farmer in contracted agriculture; But the industrialist is as guilty as the farmer. We must create legislation and legislation. If we switch to contracted agriculture, the rights of the two parties are satisfied, we will give an important step forward. We will be an important step beyond speculative prices. We need to use technology with plans. I have to set up this support so. Is there no support for support? Yes. Does he raise the law? Take it. Many efficiency in speech grid; but we have to re-endure its influence."

"Cooperations should play an important role in building producers and consumers"

In addition to renting the Treasury, Pakdemirli ordered them to support monetary terms and reach agricultural co-operatives.There will also be associations and cooperatives. The joint community will develop into my opinion, one of the greatest democratic demands. I'm still in farmers. Everybody built a cooperative. We need to get this job together. We will do the job for this, but I do not want it to happen. You may join. Japan has done that. We have no thousand and a thousand cooperative. We must draw these works. In Japan, some co-operation has a revenue of 50 billion TL. Cooperations should take an important role in bringing manufacturers and consumers. We try to make the defuzjets here"he said.

"Agriculture is valuable as industry"

Referring to the criticism of Pakdemirli, "When we talk about something, we do and do. Agriculture should not be used in daily politics to make media titles. Agriculture is valuable as industry. If we say something about agriculture, we must offer the solution. I called the spokesperson for the opposition. Whatever your documents, & # 39; I said. There will be criticism. But we can not get anywhere by processing the real numbers"

Agricultural support

Minister Pakdemirli, ending his speech saying that agricultural support services start farmers from today, "I want to give good advice to farmers. From now on, to start organizing organic farming, we begin building half-tiled and 490 million TL. Payments are free of 'farmers' farmers from 18:00"he said.

Bekend subsidies

Ministry of Agriculture and Forstried Pakdemirli provides a support request to the ministers to provide information about the payments. Therefore, today's subsidies will begin for 2018. Supported liabilities were made known as following:

"Field-based support, organized farming supported 74,000 producers in 74 provinces 143.7 million TL, of food handling support, 37.5 million TL for support of development Genetic sources, biological and biotechnical support 9.4 million TL for donating milk and 12.9 million TL for roal milk support, learning development support, landscape development economic investments and individual pressure irrigation structure as 80.7 million TL, IPARD 40 million TL as a national contribution, other agricultural support, 149, 3 million euros, agricultural advice or 13.1 million TL, fixed-term settlement date network support 3.4 million.

Thus, as of January 1, 2018, totaling TL 12.7 billion in 2018, the number of producers in a total of 14.5 billion TL agricultural support will be charged 88 percent of the total. Payment was invested in the accounts of manufacturers from 18:00.

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